Julio César Uribe, the last Peruvian coach to lead a Copa América: more than 15 years without a compatriot on the bench

Julio César Uribe, the last Peruvian coach to lead a Copa América: more than 15 years without a compatriot on the bench
Julio César Uribe, the last Peruvian coach to lead a Copa América: more than 15 years without a compatriot on the bench

Julio César Uribe was the last Peruvian coach to lead the ‘bicolor’ in a Copa América. Credit: AFP

A new chapter begins peruvian team in the America Cup and there are things that remain unchanged in their environment. For example, the national bench still does not have a compatriot in charge. In this edition of the tournament, which will take place in the United States, the Uruguayan Jorge Fossati will be in charge of guiding the ‘bicolor’keeping alive a pattern that has persisted -insistently- in recent times.

In fact, we would have to go back more than 15 years to look at the last time a Peruvian coach took on the challenge of directing the national squad in the Conmebol competition. It is nothing less than Julio Cesar Uribea historic former soccer player for the national team who is currently taking on an adventure as a coach.

The popular ‘Diamond’ He was in charge of the Peruvian team in the Copa America 2007, which took place in Venezuelan territory. Previously, he had already commanded the ‘white-red’ in the 2001 edition of said championship, so this was his second experience. However, he had only a few months of work, as he was appointed to the bench just three months before the start of the tournament.

The campaign with Julio César Uribe, in general, was not so positive. The national squad played three previous friendlies, with a balance of one victory and two losses. Later in the continental event, they faced the group stage with their peers from Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivia. The ‘bicolor’ managed to qualify for the next stage, after placing second in the table with five points, the result of a win, a draw and a fall.

Julio César Uribe led the Peruvian team in the 2007 Copa América. Credit: Getty Images

His debut in that Copa América was quite promising: he beat the team 3-0 ‘charrúa’. However, in their next presentation they lost 0-2 against the ‘red wine’ and, subsequently, did not go beyond a 2-2 draw with the ‘green’. With more doubts than certainties, the team led by ‘Diamond’ He played the quarterfinals with Argentina and fell with a resounding score of 0-4.

These results caused the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) remove Julio César Uribe from office. And after him, no other Peruvian was at the head of the ‘bicolor’ in the continental competition. Sergio Markarián (Uruguay), Ricardo Gareca (Argentina) and now, Jorge Fossati (Uruguay) They succeeded him in this tournament with the national team.

It is necessary to remember that José Guillermo del Solar (2007-2009), Roberto Mosquera (one game in 2013) and Juan Reynoso (2021-2022) were the other national coaches who were in charge of the team; However, none of them could experience directing the team in the Copa América, as did the ‘Diamond’ on two occasions.

After a successful period at club level, Juan Reynoso He was chosen by the FPF to take on the challenge of leading the Peruvian team after the departure of Ricardo Gareca. There was great enthusiasm for what he could achieve. ‘Chess player’ with the national team; However, things did not go as expected.

Juan Reynoso did not win any match in the 2026 Qualifiers – Credits: AFP.

The start of the Qualifiers towards the 2026 World Cup It was very negative for the ‘bicolor’: He barely added two points out of a possible 18, after the development of the first six dates. Four defeats and two draws were the results that the national team obtained in the South American qualifier. The 1-1 with Venezuela in Lima filled the patience of the entire FPF environment.

Nothing could prevent Reynoso, as a result of this negative streak, from being relieved of his position, so he no longer had the opportunity to lead the team in the 2024 Copa América. The Uruguayan Jorge Fossati is the one who now has that mission in a group complicated where they will be measured against Argentina, Chile and Canada.

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