Acore after recognition of Pizarro’s hat

Acore after recognition of Pizarro’s hat
Acore after recognition of Pizarro’s hat

After the recent distinction, according to the National Government, awarded to Carlos Pizarro’s hat, from the Colombian Association of Officersrejected the event attended by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro.

Acore, assures that during its existence “The criminal organization M-19 was responsible for more than 500 kidnappings“, of hundreds of murders and torture, joint criminal actions with drug trafficking, of the violent takeover of the Palace of Justice in which 98 Colombian deaths were recorded.”

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For this reason, they assure that the total lack of respect “and solidarity of the President of the Republic with Colombian society and with all the victims of the criminal actions of the extinct M-19 is very regrettable. The revictimizing evocation of the head of state undermines the reconciliation achieved by the majority of the former members of the criminal group with Colombian society and offends the generosity of the nation with rude provocations that reveal scars of pain for our compatriots.”

Finally, they add that Any “homage to” leaders of criminal, delinquent or terrorist organizations constitutes glorification of crimes, crimes and terrorism., and a regrettable favoring of the use of violence to achieve purposes of all kinds. We call on the head of the national government to be sane, and we invite him in his condition to avoid incurring pettiness and gestures unworthy of his present investiture.”


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