They remember first elections in Matanzas

They remember first elections in Matanzas
They remember first elections in Matanzas

Rosa María Segura studied in primary school Abraham Lincoln. From a very young age she loved student leadership, and that is why she was the head of the group. When they turned 10, on June 30, 1974, the first People’s Power elections were held in Matanzas. The pioneers guarded the ballot boxes, as is the case today.

“I always remember being very excited when our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, He arrived at the Jáuregui school, located between Manzaneda and Zaragoza.

“He greeted us and later, with his hand on our shoulders, he said: Guard those urns well; In capitalism it was done by helmets, here the pioneers assume it and their only weapon is the scarf,” said Rosa María Segura, deputy director of human capital at Starfish Varadero.

Rosy, as those close to her call her, worked at Cándido González High School for 11 years. She assumed the task of secretary of Block 16 of the Federation of Cuban Women in East Matanzas and was promoted to instructor, organizer and general secretary of the municipality.

“People’s Power continued to permeate me, which is why I remained a delegate for 17 years. Furthermore, from 2003 to 2008, in the VI Legislature, I was a deputy to the National Assembly. Then I joined for 5 years as Director of the Housing System of the Matanzas municipality,” she added.

Since 2015 she assumed the position of deputy director first in Brisas del Caribe and later in Starfish Varadero, where she also works as secretary of the Party Committee. (ALH)

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