Pipe Roots moves Antioquia and Colombia with reggae and dancehall » Al Poniente

This, an environmental engineer for the national company and with very long dreadlocks for 12 years, is a musical phenomenon that invades Antioquia, with his talent and lyrics that invite love and conscience.

The name assigned by his parents is Juan Felipe Duque Dura, together with his companions he has more than 30 songs that are found on platforms such as Spotify; among them are the successes of Consentida y deleite; To talk with Pipe is to see the world from an environmental, equitable and fair context.

We spoke with him and he told us about his life:

How do they get to reggae?

At school, we liked to listen to reggae, well, that was a very energetic story that changed our way of seeing the world: from that moment we started listening to reggae and a very beautiful energy began to flow through us.

Together with the Beats Professor and the musician and comedian Chacha, they create a unique musical environment, revolutionizing the world of parties and events.

Why the stage name?

More than the stage name, I consider it an artistic initiation.

The first thing you start to hear about reggae is like Bob Marley, and the reggae that Bob Marley does, it’s Roots, is from the roots, it talks about what happens in society, the state, injustices or it talks about love; It has very sincere feelings.

Roots reggae is very sincere in what they sing and how they sound, so I think that was like the influence.

Before Pipe Roots we formed a band, we started to form one called Mocachos Roots and that band was, well, something very awkward at school, in college it was like gaining strength and well, the band was for things unrelated to each one, different professions. and the times the band did not flow.

An environmental engineer making music?

Reggae influenced me a lot in choosing environmental engineering and Rastafari culture when I understood what the connection with the earth is like, the concept of Ayanai, is the connection with yourself I&I (I with Me), being in connection with others with you and with the nature.

When did you decide to dedicate yourself to music?

I didn’t sing, I played the piano, it was something very nice to discover each other in music in the band, learn to improvise, I had a very crazy, very good teacher who taught me the basics to learn to improvise and that was the starting point to start to make music and compose.

But as such, that was when the band’s vocalist left; I had some composition intentions and in a rehearsal, I told them: Listen; The first reaction was not very good, I was scared, I got out of tune, but they listened to me and I don’t know why they told me: Pipe, if you are the vocalist, keep playing piano and sing.

I realized when we started releasing music with the band and people began to tell me, I like this song or they learned the songs that we uploaded on YouTube, that we produced in a very empirical way, to see the reciprocal.

What was that first composition?

It’s called, I Wonder and it’s a very anti-system song, I wonder why there is so much injustice, why there are so many famines, why there are so many wars; It is a protest song, but at that time in life we ​​were more rebellious and discovering a lot of things that are not shown.

Tell us about the new single?

PARTY DANCEHALL is our Dacell and Afrobeat label with it we released TOP, this song is a very beautiful combination, because Profe participates, who is my lifelong producer and also a rap legend from Medellín called kiño.

With kiño, it’s a very nice story because we met when we were kids when we rented his studio to make our music and he was already in his career, he was acting in soap operas and with his music, due to things in life more than 10 years passed. years and we meet here and we continue patching in the musical cabin and the cheese join this project, which flowed in a very beautiful way.

What makes Pipe Roosts happy?

It makes me happy to see how dreams materialize, when you see that what you were believing, creating, putting effort into and you see it materialize over time, it is a joint satisfaction and happiness.

It is a message that reaches me, one does not reach a turning point, one continues living up or down, however life takes you.

In life something will always happen, but it is how one reacts to it, for example, the musical cabin is a dream come true.

What is the musical cabin?

This project was born approximately 8 years ago in Santa Elena, the one that started was Chacha and he called us, like a soccer team and each one of us from his art and profession we contracted lines of work, and it started very organically, it was our house and a residence artistic, we had the studio and musical travelers began to arrive.

It all started with a festival called La Fogata Musical, which was to bring together pipe partners, Choco (El Profe), Chacha, at that first bonfire about 20 people arrived, we spread ourselves so that we would make more bulk in the photo, but it was very good for us. good.

In the second photo there were 40, then 60 and there was one where about 120 people showed up, foreigners and we couldn’t believe that we had had that welcome, and we told ourselves that something was already happening, as a brand, as artists, as a team.

In the Musical Cabin you can find the hostel, events of all genres, festivals, here you can find the best food in Santa Elena, the bar.

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