TransMilenio gives users a tremendous surprise: They will arrive faster

TransMilenio gives users a tremendous surprise: They will arrive faster
TransMilenio gives users a tremendous surprise: They will arrive faster

The news was given by María Fernanda Ortiz, manager of TransMilenio.

TransMilenio, the most important public transportation system in Bogotá, transports approximately four million citizens daily. In an effort to improve service, different adaptations are being carried out on several trunk lines. Today, TransMilenio has given a tremendous surprise to its users with a significant improvement at the Ricaurte station.

Starting June 22, it comes into operation car 1 of the Ricaurte station, after its expansion and adaptation to receive bi-articulated buses. This car, which had an investment of $2,797 million, It was expanded by 16.80 meters, reaching a total length of 48 meters. This change will allow better disembarkation of buses and a better offer of routes, with the new stops for services C25-L25 and B11-G11.

The manager of TransMilenio, María Fernanda Ortiz, expressed his enthusiasm during the inauguration: “We are at the Ricaurte station with the Urban Development Institute receiving the new car 1, which from today will allow the stopping of bi-articulated and articulated vehicles. Therefore, we will have greater capacity and additional trunk services. In addition, the station has new lighting, remodeling, new doors, greater security and better ventilation, all of this to offer a better service to our users.”

This work, developed in collaboration between TransMilenio and the Urban Development Institute (IDU)is part of the project to expand several stations of the trunk system, whose objective is to improve the infrastructure and capacity of sustainable mobility in the city.

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The Importance of Ricaurte Station

The Ricaurte station is crucial for several reasons:

Mobility and Strategic Location: Located on Calle 13 with Avenida Norte-Quito-Sur (NQS), in an area with a high population density and commercial activity, it becomes an essential connection point for thousands of users who travel daily through the center of Bogotá.

Connectivity: It allows access to the Carrera 10 and NQS trunk lines, facilitating mobility to different sectors of the city. In addition, its proximity to several routes of the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) and cycloRutas makes it a multimodal transport node.

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Social impact: The expansion and adaptation of this station contribute to reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, thus improving the quality of life of citizens.

With this expansion, TransMilenio continues to focus on improving the infrastructure and capacity for sustainable mobility in Bogotá, ensuring more efficient, safe and comfortable transportation for all its users.

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