Neighbors of Villa el Chocón denounce that there is a slaughter of dogs

Neighbors of Villa el Chocón denounce that there is a slaughter of dogs
Neighbors of Villa el Chocón denounce that there is a slaughter of dogs

My dog ​​ran away and was found dead“He said in a video and explained that a while ago the dog went to a field and they had already threatened him.

This Friday, “Siro”, his dog along with another, escaped and both were found dead. They threw his man on the balcony of the dam “in front of everyone.” He indicated that he had a stab wound and that the other did not know if what he had was shot.

They found out their dog was there because the tourists took a photo which later reached his children, who were desperately searching for him.

Dog murdered in Villa el Chocon

Siro, one of the two dogs that were found dead this Friday.

The other dog, “Wolf”, He was fired on social networks by his owners who expressed their sadness and anger that these things happen in their town.

Celeste Lilen Rodríguez Butta wrote on Facebook: “May Lobo and Siro rest in peace. I hope the broken heart that dared such a heartless act is healed,” accompanied by some photos of her dog Lobo.

dog murdered in villa el chocon

The killing of dogs increases in Villa el Chocón

Luis also made public that many dogs are turning up dead, They are not the first.

Julián, their son, said that this is the third complaint they have made and that this Saturday they met with more neighbors who also “had their dogs stabbed or shot to death.”

As Luis explained, in the Piedras Coloradas neighborhood dogs are disappearing all the time and the neighbors who live there said that they have killed dogs with firearms and that, in fact, “there are impacts on some houses.”

Within the presentations he made, he also assured that there are a large number of loose animals, horses, goats, “it is chaos no matter how you look at it and the Municipality does nothing.” In this regard, he clarified that have received threats coming from the owners of the goats, that if any dog ​​attacks them they will be killed.

Neighbors of Villa el Chocón denounce a massacre of dogs

Dog slaughter in China Muerta

Last November, a similar event occurred there. In one week, 16 dogs were poisoned.

Neighbors of the China Muerta sector of Plottier reported that for several days dead dogs appeared. They found them poisoned, on the side of the streets and in most cases with nothing more to do to save them.

In the area they found plastic bags with food, which could contain poison, and they also found polenta in the streets that would be poisoned. The dogs that died were mostly on the street, but there were also poisoned dogs locked in the yards of their homes.

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