Mitigation works begin

Mitigation works begin
Mitigation works begin

The Malambo Mayor’s Office and the Atlantic Government announced the start of mitigation works in the Los Remedios bridgewhich communicates to the township of Caracolí, La Aguada, Cascarón, Villa Herrera and La Prosperidad road.

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These works were started due to the deterioration of the structure due to lack of maintenance and the winter wave.

“The Government responded to the call of the citizens and through the Undersecretariat of Highways this intervention is launched,” said the mayor. Yenis Orozco.

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The secretary of infrastructure, Ciro Herrera, He explained that the work includes filling the affected part with big bags (bags filled with sandy material) to channel the stream, and later, it will be finished with an asphalt layer.

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For its part, Eduard Torres, link of the Municipal Risk Management Office, He indicated that all necessary precautions were taken during these works, to prevent new emergencies from occurring.

“We have worked together with the department’s Undersecretary of Risk Management to address the emergency on the Los Remedios bridge,” the official added.

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