These are the five best beaches in Colombia, according to a study

This Saturday, on Travesía Blu, one of the main themes of the program was the recognition of the best beaches in Colombia. To speak precisely about this, Camilo Botero told what the ranking of the best is according to science.

The conversation began with the presenters of the program, who asked the question: What do you think would be a great beach? And what must a beach have to be considered one of the best in Colombia?

Camilo, an expert on the subject, commented that a researcher carried out work he called ‘Big Five’. They are like the five most important things that a tourist usually has, in general worldwide, and one of them is the cleanliness of the sand. Obviously, it is the cleaning of the beach; In general, there is no garbage. The landscape is another very important one and another is security.

What does science take into account when rating a beach?

Camilo Botero began by briefly telling where the ranking comes from to make the list of the best beaches in the world. He said that a master’s student began to analyze with him what the rankings evaluated.

Precisely, she found that the vast majority of beach rankings that one finds in many publications are above all landscape evaluations, that is, of the classic white sand beach, blue sea and palm trees. But, in reality, that is only a visual perception. Then, another ranking, like that of TripAdvisor, for example, turns out to be based on the opinions of visitors.

The best beaches in Colombia

  1. Punta Astilleros (Atlántico)
    • Highlighted features: Beautiful scenery, soft sand, calm sea.
    • Services: High quality, exemplary environmental management.
  2. Turi Pan (Atlantic)
    • Highlighted features: Stunning landscapes, safe place to enjoy the sea.
    • Services: Wide range of services for an unforgettable experience.
  3. Simona del Mar (Turbo, Antioquia)
    • Highlighted features: Beautiful natural environment, care of the ecosystem.
    • Services: Hotel located directly on the beach.
  4. Playa Dulce (Turbo, Antioquia)
    • Highlighted features: Good management, high quality experience.
    • Services: Wide range of services and recreational activities.
  5. The Spring (Necoclí, Antioquia)
    • Highlighted features: Natural beauty, environmental protection, coastal erosion prevention.
    • Services: Offer of tourist services for a unique experience.


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