Teacher presenteeism: what will happen when it is discussed in the Neuquén Legislature

He teacher incentive bill In recent hours, the link between the ATEN union and the government of Rolando Figueroa has been strained. The possibility of a conflict front opening is certain and even more so with the announcement of a 48-hour strike for this week if the treatment advances in the Legislature. Tomorrow, at 9:30, a plenary session of commissions was convened whose sole topic is this proposal. Can there be an opinion and what is approved in session this week?

The votes are in dispute. Representatives of ATEN met today with deputies, for example with the radical César Gass, who is one of the signatories of the proposal. He promised that they will be heard in plenary. This is almost a fact, they will receive them tomorrow.

The union that brings together workers of the Legislature, ANEL, signed together with state unions and social organizations a document to show solidarity with ATEN. They are also convincing deputies that the project is not good.

The one who is trying to garner wills in favor is the MPN deputy, Claudio Domínguez. In last week’s session, he requested a preference motion for the issue, once it obtains commission clearance.

It is not the first time that he has promoted this project: he tried it in 2013 and in 2018. The novelty is that with the current composition of the Chamber it obtained more support: it added the PRO and We Make Neuquén. He knows in any case that he will not have the support of his entire bloc, almost ruling out the votes of Ramón Fernández and Daniela Rucci, both of union origin.

Tomorrow’s plenary session will bring together the Labor, Constitutional Affairs and Finance committees. For there to be an office there must be eight votes in each one. If in Affairs the initiative collects nine endorsements, in Treasury five and in Labor ten, there is no opinion.

The ruling party has not yet taken a position. This afternoon they will meet to define their position.

This week there is a session, the last one before the winter break.

Teacher presenteeism: what the project proposes

The fixed initiative a bonus of 10% of the position assignment which corresponds monthly to each teacher for those people whose absences do not exceed three quarterly, with a limit of two monthlyduly justified (that is why we talk about a presenteeism proposal) and that they have a minimum of training.

The rationale is that those who “They demonstrate a constant commitment to education and meet standards of professionalism and continuous updating.”

Besides modifies the licensing regime for substitute personnel, making it more restrictive, on the basis of “mitigating the economic and operational impact of substitutes and temporary replacements in the provincial educational system.” With this cut, the proposal says, we could “finance the construction of 64 primary schools each year.”

For ATEN, what the project seeks is “limit the right to strike” with the payment of an extra amount for those who do not comply with forceful measures. The general secretary, Marcelo Guagliardo, also stated that it is mounted on a “unfair prejudice”: that workers are “compulsive truants” those who are not interested in their training and that they are “responsible for the poor building conditions.”

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