Elections in the PJ of San Juan for August 11 and beginning of unity

Elections in the PJ of San Juan for August 11 and beginning of unity
Elections in the PJ of San Juan for August 11 and beginning of unity

More than an hour of debate was what took the Councilors of the Justicialist Party of San Juan to come out to declare the “white smoke” of unity. With this, it was decided that the party elections will be held on August 11 to finally define the new authorities. The representatives of the different internal lines also agreed in declaring that “it is a principle of unity.” The only absent councilor was Emilio Baistrocchi, critical from the beginning of everything that is happening.

Although the meeting called by the president of the party, with an extended mandate, Sergio Uñac, was to define the date of the elections and when to launch the schedule, it also served to provide signs of unity thanks to the fact that everyone present gave support to set the date of August 11. This means that the Giojismo deposed its position regarding tying the provincial calendar to the national one, that is, postponing the internal elections until next November. Precisely, this was the main opposition why the operators of the party ruling party were until the last hours to reach the agreement on the date that was finally chosen.

The president of the PJ, Sergio Uñac, indicated that “the call was to set the date and avoid delaying it further in time” and regarding the fact that it was a sign of unity, he said that “it can be interpreted that way.” A similar expression was given by the second vice president of the PJ Daniela Rodríguez, who is part of the San Juan Te Quiero grassroots project, stating that “we have completed a first big step which is to reach an agreement among all to resolve the present and future of the party, now “We must continue on this path of dialogue and consensus that was achieved.” Along the same lines, Juan Carlos Gioja expressed his opinion, who at the end of the meeting expressed that “we seek to unite in order not to delay the renewal of authorities any further and thus get to work on the political agenda that Peronism must have.”

Now it will be time for the collaborators of Uñaquismo, Giojismo and Gramajismo to begin to define the assembly of the unity list, since none of them want to lose presence for what is coming in the Peronism of San Juan, despite the fact that they publicly say that there is to put an end to personalisms. So much so that the three sectors want to have positions at the top of the next leadership, that is, occupy the presidency and the two vice-presidencies with their representatives.

This situation will not be easy to happen because the same three sectors view each other with distrust and do not want to give anything, but there are also other groups of lesser weight currently in the PJ that will seek to impose conditions for rearming.

In the coming weeks “the thread” will not decrease, but on the contrary, it will increase so that the sectors in dispute achieve the best positioning with the intention of strengthening themselves in the face of the next legislative elections in 2025.

Baistrocchi’s absence

One of the most critical leaders of the agreement of the “dome” of the PJ of San Juan is Emilio Baistrocchi, who was not present at this meeting despite being a counselor. Officially, they expressed from his space that he should lead a meeting with the Hacemos por San Juan foundation, but unofficially the reading is that he did not want to agree to the agreement that he denounced at the beginning of the year.


Sergio Uñac / President of the PJ of San Juan

“We unanimously established a date for party internal elections and it is one more step, it is a good sign of the path to unity that we seek. “We know that it will be difficult and we have to put in a lot to achieve it, putting personal concerns aside to look for the best for the game.”

Juan Carlos Gioja / Counselor of the PJ of San Juan

“We unanimously agreed on the date of the elections and it is part of an agreement with which we seek to formalize a leadership that is capable of responding to the suffering experienced in the country. It is an awareness of all leaders in pursuit of this objective.”

Daniela Rodríguez / Vice President of the PJ of San Juan

“This is the result of a lot of dialogue in pursuit of consensus and unity, I am glad that this agreement occurred on the electoral date. This is the principle of thinking of the party as one and leaving aside personalism, we will continue working within this framework to achieve unity.”

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