Where to watch Chile vs Argentina FREE and LIVE for the Copa América

Where to watch Chile vs Argentina FREE and LIVE for the Copa América
Where to watch Chile vs Argentina FREE and LIVE for the Copa América

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By Milan Vrsalovic

06/25/2024 – 18:14 CLT

© imago images/PhotosportLa Roja plays a “final” against the Albiceleste.

Great game day and tonight from 9:00 p.m. in Chile, the chilean team faces his simile Argentina for the second date of the group stage of Copa América 2024.

After the game of Peru vs Canada, is the victory that La Roja needs to add against the Albiceleste. Unmissable duel that together by watching it on TV, You can also watch it for free on streaming.

How to watch Chile vs Argentina for free?

In addition to TV, the Red match will be broadcast live in Chile thanks to the Channel 13 app, 13 GO.

Available for all types of smartphones, 13 GO is the only authorized streaming to give La Roja’s match against Argentina for the Copa América, and completely free.

You just have to download it from your cell phone store and enjoy the game live.

Of course there are two more ways, with the online signal of chilevision.cl and 13.cl. There you can also watch the game by entering from the browser.

And what channel does it broadcast on TV?

La Roja’s match against Argentina also has the alternative on TV; You can see Chile live on Chilevisión and Canal 13, on the following channels depending on your cable operator:

Channel 13

13 (Santiago)
13.1 (Santiago)
8.1 (Arica)
8.1 (Iquique)
13.1 (Antofagasta)
11.1 (Copiapó)
13.1 (La Serena-Coquimbo)
9.1 (Monte Patria)
8.1 (San Felipe-Los Andes)
9.1 (La Calera-Quillota)
8.1 (Greater Valparaiso)
10.1 (San Antonio)
8.1 (Rancagua)
5.1 (San Fernando)
8.1 (Talca)
13.1 (Chillan)
5.1 (Great Conception)
10.1 (Angol)
4.1 (Temuco)
9.1 (Villarrica)
12.1 (Valdivia)
9.1 (Osorno)
13.1 (Puerto Montt)
6.1 (Coyhaique)
9.1 (Punta Arenas)

Channel 13:
VTR: 22/713
DirecTV: 152/1152
Movistar: 122/813
Clear: 56/556
Zapping: 22
YouVes HD: 58
Entel: 67
World: 17/517
GTD/Telsur: 22/28/813


11 (Santiago)
11.1 (Santiago)
9.1 (Arica)
4.1 (Iquique)
11.1 (Almonte Well)
2.1 (Calama)
7.1 (Antofagasta)
2.1 (Copiapó)
13.1 (Huasco)
5.1 (Valllenar)
2.1 (La Serena-Coquimbo)
8.1 (Oval)
2.1 (Quillota-La Calera)
10.1 (Valparaiso)
10.1 (Rancagua)
5.1 (Pichilemu)
4.1 (Caucanes)
5.1 (Constitution)
11.1 (Chillan)
7.1 (Conception)
5.1 (Lebu)
2.1 (Angol)
11.1 (Temuco)
2.1 (Villarrica-Pucón)
10.1 (Valdivia)
7.1 (Osorno)
10.1 (Puerto Montt)
7.1 (Punta Arenas)

VTR: 21(Santiago)/711
DirecTV: 151/1151
Movistar: 121/811
Clear: 55/555
Zapping: 21
YouVes HD: 57
Entel: 66
World: 15/515
GTD/Telsur: 21/27


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