Training workshop for delegates in Paraná

Training workshop for delegates in Paraná
Training workshop for delegates in Paraná

On this Tuesday morning, a training workshop for delegates from Paraná and Paraná Campaña was held at the headquarters of the Provincial Board of Directors of ATE Entre Ríos. The proposal, promoted by the Training Secretariat of the Entre Ríos ATE led by the Training Secretary Pedro Zuchuat, had the support, accompaniment and participation of the Training Secretary of the National ATE, Vanina Rodríguez, and the Director of the School of Union Training ‘Libertario Ferrari’, Cristian Vázquez. The Secretary of Gender and Diversity, Gisela Torres, also participated in the Training Team of the Provincial Board of Directors of ATE Entre Ríos; the Secretary of Organization Víctor Sartori; the Member Silvia Lubo; and Delegate Gustavo Salomón.

The meeting had the active participation of more than 50 workers representing different sectors of the three levels of the State: National, provincial and municipal, with in the latter case delegates from the provincial capital and the towns of Viale. and Hasenkamp.

During the day, the members of the Training team of the Provincial Board of Directors addressed the following thematic axes: Gender perspective and contributions to the construction of work spaces free of violence; role of the State; Labor legislation; union conflict; and role of the delegate. The interventions of Vanina Rodríguez and Cristian Vázquez delved into these topics, and opened the debate on what is the role of the State and what is the intervention of the union around that State, which today is governed by someone who defines himself as a mole who comes to destroy it. A rich exchange took place in which the need to make a strong statement against the Base Law and to protest for those who are still unjustly detained for protesting against its treatment in the Senate of the Nation also emerged as a proposal.

Just as this morning’s training was intended for delegates, a training session for union leaders and members of the Provincial Board of Directors of ATE Entre Ríos is planned for tomorrow.

After the training day, the Training Secretary of ATE Nacional, Vanina Rodríguez, said: “This morning we were at the Provincial Board of Directors of ATE Entre Ríos, in the city of Paraná, where together with the Training Secretariat of the Entre Ríos ATE and the Director of the ‘Libertario Ferrari’ Union Training School, Cristian Vázquez, we carried out a training and training workshop on the role of the delegate. We also debated the need to have a State that is a guarantor of the rights of the popular majorities, something that is opposed to the public policies that President Javier Milei is implementing on the national stage, with the thousands and thousands of layoffs that we had and that We are going to have according to what has already been announced by the National Government. This is replicated in some provinces and municipalities and based on that we propose the union organization, which has a fundamental link: The delegates in the work sectors.”

“So we were talking about the constitution of the assembly, the conflict situations that we went through and how to resolve and process those conflicts. We also address issues related to the statutory reform and the incorporation of women and diversities in the different levels of our union, whether in the bodies of delegates, in the internal boards, in the Sectionals and in the Provincial Boards of Directors, as well as in the National Board of Directors,” added the leader of ATE Nacional.

“All the topics were framed in the need to rediscuss the State that workers need, and how that State was constituted with the particularities of the different governments and the public policies that promote the different political currents that governed this country. , in general and in particular in each of the provinces. We ratify the commitment to build more and better the union, on the way to 100 years. We also ratify the affiliation campaign to reach 500,000 members, knowing that the union is a tool for fighting but also for dispute in the popular field and for the construction of thoughts and knowledge to transform the reality of this country towards one where the country be one in which each and every one of us has the same opportunities to carry out a work task,” Rodríguez concluded.

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