everything we know about Zack Snyder’s new project

everything we know about Zack Snyder’s new project
everything we know about Zack Snyder’s new project

The brave Spartans would return thanks to a prequel developed by Warner Bros.

Leonidas is Gerard Butler’s best-known character.

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Almost twenty years have passed since Zack Snyder will adapt the graphic novel of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley titled 300. A film that went down in history and established itself in popular culture definitively in just a few years after its premiere on the big screen. The film tells us the story of the legendary Battle of Thermopylae between the spartans of Leonidas and the king’s persians Xerxes YO. You can currently watch 300 on HBO Max.

Watch 300 on HBO Max

300 got successamong other things, thanks to its spectacular image and the use of special effects that immerse the viewer in the mythology of the moment, perfectly capturing the aesthetics of Miller and Varley’s novel. The sepia tone that we see in each scene and the use of slow motion in battles they manage to awaken a feeling of emotion in the viewer hardly imitable.

The film focuses on the perspective of the spartanswhich They faced the imposing armies of Xerxes in smaller numbers.represented as dehumanized villains with a desire for power. Leonidas, played by Gerard Butlerleads the Greeks and represents the values ​​of a people whose greatest honor is to die for their countrysacrificing every drop of sweat for her.

300 could return in series form: everything we know about Zack Snyder's new project

Image of Leonidas in 300

This way, 300 also tries to serve as inspiration and influence the public’s feeling of belonging by sending a message of hope to minorities that face overwhelming empires. The truth is that it was criticized in the historical aspect, since oversimplified Persian culture in favor of Spartan culturerepresented almost like superheroes of the time.

Nevertheless, Snyder managed to make the epic take precedence over historical errors and that the film entered fully into the collective imagination. Anyone would recognize the battle cry that empowers Leonidas and his noble warriors, a roar that we could hear again on our televisions sooner than you think.


The brave Spartans would return thanks to a prequel developed by Warner Bros.

In 2014 Warner Bros. released in the light 300: the origin of an empire, a sequel of the original that narrated, mainly, the Battle of Salamis. That title is not was directed by Zack Snyder, but for a Noam Murro which continued with the visual style of its predecessor.

However, Rise of an Empire failed to achieve the successes of 300since its characters and the cohesion of the narrative itself lacked the strength that brought success to the film starring Butler. Warner did not achieve the expected objective when stretching the gum but, from the looks of it, he hasn’t stopped trying.

300: the rise of an empire

Cover of 300: Rise of an Empire

Now, according to information from Variety, Snyder is negotiating again with Warner Bros. Television for the creation of a prequel series that focuses on events prior to the death of King Leonidas and his 300 daring The project is shrouded in great secrecy since not much progress has been made yet with the company.

Although the series lacksfor now, launch pad and screenwriterZack Snyder is willing to return to his origins and continue adapting the works of Miller and Varley. Warnerjust as he is doing with the Lord of the Rings franchise, seems to place his trust again in old friends when negotiating a new initiative thatalthough it does not reach the 450 million benefits that 300 left, be profitable for the company.

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