“Everyone needed this.” Disney ends the crisis in movie theaters in one fell swoop, Inside Out 2 premieres by sweeping the US.

The film has made close to 300 million dollars worldwide, and it has not yet reached many markets like Spain.

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In Spain we will still have to wait for this Wednesday to go see it, but the first international data for Del Revés 2 (Inside Out 2) confirm that we are facing the first great billion-dollar success of this weak year in theaters. What’s more, the data places it as Pixar’s second best debut in its entire history.

The animated film managed to raise $155 million in the United States this weekend, 295 million dollars worldwide with a large opening in countries like Mexico (30.2 million dollars). It is the best release of the year in US theaters, and the biggest one since Barbie. Furthermore, as we said, Inside Out 2 is Pixar’s second best launch in its entire history in the United States, only behind the success achieved in 2018 by Incredibles 2 with $182.7 million.

Celebrating at Disney… And Deadpool 3 remains

“Everyone needed this because success breeds success. “It’s fantastic for the industry, fantastic for Pixar and fantastic for the business in general,” celebrates Tony Chambers, Disney’s director of theatrical distribution, in words reported by the Associated Press where he does not hide his surprise at such a great debut.

The box office triumph of Inside Out 2 is also a film for all demographic sectors. It will be necessary to see if its good numbers help to break the bad commercial streak of recent weeks, although on the horizon we can already see Deadpool and Wolverine (July 25), which could fill the theaters to the brim.

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