Vin Diesel shares the first image of ‘Fast & Furious 11’

Vin Diesel shares the first image of ‘Fast & Furious 11’
Vin Diesel shares the first image of ‘Fast & Furious 11’

Speed, adrenaline and vehicles. That is the DNA that is embedded in ‘Fast & Furious 11’, the new installment of the long-running action film saga. The film, which will be released in 2026 only in theaters, is taking shape little by little. Although filming has not started yet, the film’s team is already working on other aspects of the film. Proof of this is that Vin Diesel has shared the first conceptual image, which can be seen just below these lines. How could it not be otherwise, the absolute protagonist is a vehiclewhich winds its way through a snowy mountain trail.

At the beginning of the year, Diesel shared a statement in which he was happy with the meeting he had had with the scriptwriters and the rest of the team. In that letter, the actor implied that the conclusion of ‘Fast & Furious’ was not far away: “To say that the emotion for our ending was incredibly powerful is an understatement. Wow. So exciting… As everyone headed into the weekend excited and excited I thought of all of you… I remembered the countless moments in which your enthusiasm and passion “They became the driving force of our creative journey,” he said. “This grand finale is not just a finale, it is a celebration of the incredible family we have built together. I hope you feel proud,” he added.

Vin Diesel’s tribute to the late Paul Walker

The death of Paul Walker has left a huge void in the ‘Fast & Furious’ creative team, as well as in the fan community. A few weeks ago, Vin Diesel dedicated a heartfelt tribute to the actor, as he uploaded a video in which He appeared posing next to the Toyota Supra MK4 from 1994 that his character drove in the movies. As the saga heads towards its end, the climax approaches, as does the fate of all the characters that have appeared throughout the entire saga.

Although everything indicates that ‘Fast & Furious 11’ will be the conclusion of the saga, Who knows what the future will bring.

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