‘Inside Out 3’: release date, protagonists, plot and everything we know about the new Pixar film – Movie news

‘Inside Out 3’: release date, protagonists, plot and everything we know about the new Pixar film – Movie news
‘Inside Out 3’: release date, protagonists, plot and everything we know about the new Pixar film – Movie news

Riley continues to grow before our eyes. Inside out 2 has become a success at the box office, exceeding 724 million dollars collected worldwide. This Pixar sequel is among the four best releases of the year and has revitalized the Spanish box office, which had been in decline for the last four months. After this great triumph, it would not be a surprise that Pete Docter and the Disney team are laying the foundations for the future Inside Out 3the third installment of one of the animation studio’s best films.

Although there is still no official confirmation about the premiere of the third Inside Outthose responsible for the film They have been leaving clues in various interviews about how Riley’s life could continue.. In the last film, Riley is 13 years old, he is going through puberty and his friends and hobbies occupy almost all of his thoughts, leaving aside the island of family that was so important in the first installment. The protagonist has new emotions that dictate the course of her life: Ennui (boredom), Envy, Shame and, of course, Anxiety.

What new emotions will come to you Inside Out 3? When it premieres? What is your plot? We tell you everything we know about Inside Out 3 next.

The new protagonists of ‘Del Revés 3’

SensaCine went to the Pixar studios to learn more details about Inside Out 2 before its premiere. During the visit, director Kelsey Mann revealed that Logic and Reason could have been protagonists of this story. “The advice that Pete Docter, the original director, gave me is that there is a big difference between the brain and the mind. I think it would be fun to have Logic and Reason“, he explains to us about a possible discarded plot for the recently released film.

In addition to seeing Logic and Reason argue, an old friend from the sequel could return in the third installment: Nostalgia (Gemma Cuervo). This fun emotion, characterized as an adorable old lady, has been waiting her turn to be a part of Riley’s life. Although they have explained to her that she is early to take action, she will still have to wait for one of her friends to get married to have her moment.

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Possible plot of ‘Inside Out 3’

Riley is going through puberty and getting her teen priorities in order. Her idols, her friends and her hobbies are the order of the day above her family, but what becomes most important during adolescence has not yet come into play: love. We have seen Riley become obsessed with Val, the captain of the Hockey team, and try to impress her so he can get on the high school team and make new friends with her.

In the future, it is likely that we will see the teenager fall in love with someone and have to fight her emotions in the face of this new event. Director Kelsey Mann also takes into account an emotion that could create a subplot within this hypothesis: “A lot of emotions didn’t make the cut. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the emotion ‘Schadenfreude’.. It is the feeling you get when you have fun with other people’s evil or suffering or humiliation. They tried to put him in the first movie and me in the second. It’s a fun idea but for a cameo, but I’m sure he’ll try to appear in the future.”

Release date of ‘Inside Out 3’

Reverse It was released in movie theaters around the world in 2015 and its sequel has not hit the big screen until 2024. It has taken the Pixar team nine long years to develop, design and structure the new stage of Riley’s lifeso we will have to wait a few more to see how this story continues.

Meanwhile, the animation studio is already working on its release schedule and titles such as the new original film Elio or Toy Story 5 are already on the way.

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