the moment when Santiago Rendón and Liss Pereira were hypnotized


Do you remember this moment we lived in the Radioacktiva cabin?

Radioacktiva is the only rock station in Colombia and This year we celebrate 35 years of broadcast. The celebration is going to be all year long and we are going to remember some moments and people who have left their mark on the rock planet.

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In 1989, on May 15, Radioacktiva was born and at that time it was known as Radioactiva, without K. 35 years ago we made our first broadcast and we have evolved to become the only rock station in the country.

El Gallo has become one of the flagship programs of our station and every morning it brightens the listeners’ day. Currently the official formation is with Pacho Cardona, Juliana Casali, Champion and Diego Peña.

A few years ago, Liss Pereira was part of the show, along with Tato Ramírez, Santiago Rendón and also Pacho Cardona. In one of the broadcasts, 10 years ago, we decided to hypnotize Liss and this was the result.

If you are a listener who has been with us for years you probably remember Liss Pereira’s hypnosis. Exactly in May 2013, A hypnotherapist arrived at the booth and managed to make our little hen of the moment do different things that made our followers laugh.

The man put Liss into a hypnotic trance and told her that her body was going to feel quite heavy and It wasn’t going to be possible for him to get up from the chair. She asked him to try to stand up and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t.

The next thing the man asked him during the trace was to count with his fingers from 1 to 10, but he was not going to be able to remember the 7. When she tried it, she was surprised to see that she couldn’t pronounce the number 7.

Liss was tryingor pronounce the number and as he commented, although in his head he knew which one was next, he couldn’t say it.

The next thing they asked Liss was to forget his name and when they asked him what his name was he was going to say it was Carlos. Liss also didn’t remember what his last name was and the only thing he could pronounce was that his name was Carlos.

Liss Pereira was surprised because, even if she knew what her name was, she couldn’t actually pronounce it. Inclusive, At one point he stated that he did not like the activity since he did not have the freedom to say his real name.

As the hypnosis progressed, Liss was made to do more daring things, In her trance they told her that every time Tato Ramírez touched his nose or chin, she had to give him a compliment.

She started laughing because she knew what he was going to do and One of the first compliments was that Tato’s skin looked very nice.

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