Independiente, Liga de Quito and Barcelona SC would be excited about the signing of James Rodríguez

James Rodríguez would be very close to agreeing to the termination of his contract with Sao Paulo in Brazil, after not counting for Luis Zubeldía. The Colombian midfielder would once again look for a team in Europe or South , and in Ecuador, in the LigaPro, three teams could afford to sign him.

There would be 3 LigaPro teams due to sporting objectives, financial solvency and continental impact that would try to sign James: Independiente del Valle, Liga de Quito and also Barcelona SC, although the latter starts at a disadvantage against the Sudamericana champions.

Independiente del Valle is the most likely to make an offer to James Rodríguez due to the important financial solvency they represent and also because of the project they can offer the player. Already in 2023 they gave a big surprise with the signing of Marcelo Moreno Martins.

Another club that can bring him to Ecuador is Liga de Quito, although it is more complicated financially than Independiente del Valle, the club has the ‘financial weapons’ to seduce the Colombian number 10. Already in 2023 they acquired players like Paolo Guerrero, Mauricio Martínez, Jan Hurtado, among others.

James Rodríguez is still considered in the Colombian National Team. (Photo: Imago)

The third option to try to sign James Rodríguez in Ecuadorian football is Barcelona SC, Although the Guayaquil team has many financial limits, it has already been characterized by signing several players for its sports project. The latter would be the main factor in attracting the Colombian star to Ecuador. The yellows are almost always associated with great footballers, as recently happened with Arturo Vidal, Felipe Caicedo, among others.

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What was James Rodríguez’s salary in Sao Paulo?

In Sao Paulo, James Rodríguez’s last salary, according to different investigative versions, reached USD 300,000. A very high figure for Ecuadorian soccer, but if it were realized it would make him the highest paid player in the national championship.

James Rodríguez already faced Liga de Quito

James Rodríguez already came to Ecuador recently and not with the Colombian National Team. The Colombian number 10 came to the country to face Liga de Quito in the 2023 Copa Sudamericana, where he had minutes in the second half. In Brazil, the former Real Madrid missed the penalty that ended up qualifying the Ecuadorians, who later lifted the trophy in Uruguay.

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Do you see James Rodríguez playing in Ecuador?

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