Javier Milei will give a musical show at the presentation of his book

Javier Milei will give a musical show at the presentation of his book
Javier Milei will give a musical show at the presentation of his book

As the official explained in his usual press conference, the event will have two parts: one with the actual presentation of the book, “where President Milei will present at a lectern and Congressman José Luis Espert and I will accompany him.”

“And there will be another part where President Milei He is going to participate in a show where he himself is going to sing and will be the relevant figure of that unpublished musical show in Argentine history,” he added.

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Unexpected: the Government announced that President Javier Milei will sing and give a musical show.

Luna Park is a place known by the Head of State, since it was there where he celebrated his first legislative victory in 2021. The organization of the event – both now and then – was in charge of his sister and Secretary of the Presidency, Karina Mileiwho was in charge of preparing an event in tune with the Head of State, after both gave up doing so within the framework of the Book Fair.

As far as he could know Ambitthe act will also have a particular aesthetic, since It is planned to place a ring instead of a traditional stage for the presentation. At Casa Rosada they indicated that the expenses of the event “they are financed by himself.”

“The President does not celebrate anything at all, he is simply at an event that he himself finances, presenting the book that he could not do at the Book Fair at the time. If there is something that the president is personally satisfied with in such a case, it is to promote a book again, to disseminate his ideas through ideas,” he highlighted.

Asked about possible plagiarism, Manuel Adorni dismissed the complaint and said “there is no such thing as plagiarism.” “Everything fits and is framed within the intellectual property law, there is nothing that can be objected to,” she added.

Milei had planned to present his book on May 12 at the Book Fair, where he would be accompanied by the national deputy José Luis Espert. However, he decided to change the venue for the event, alleging that they encountered “hostility toward him” during negotiations with the authorities of the El Libro Foundation.

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