Santiago Giordana, targeted for gestures that started the Millionaires fight

Santiago Giordana, targeted for gestures that started the Millionaires fight
Santiago Giordana, targeted for gestures that started the Millionaires fight
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The Argentine striker was provocative with the Atlético Junior fans and unleashed a strong fight.

Fight in Junior vs. Millionaires.
Photo: Vanexa Romero | TIME


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May 5, 2024, 12:39 a.m. m.

The Millonarios players ended up dissatisfied after the 2-1 defeat against Atlético Junior, on the first day of the A quadrangular of the BetPlay I-2024 League: after the defeat, they attacked referee Carlos Betancur to complain about his decisions.

Then, before entering the locker room, confusion took over the ambassador team, as several soccer players ended up with a furious reaction, in which they apparently confronted members of the Barranquilla police.

However, according to videos and different versions, the events arose from a provocation by a Millonarios player: the person accused is the Argentine striker Santiago Giordana.

In images you can see how Giordana hits his other hand with a fist, in a gesture that in soccer means that someone (the winning team) paid to take advantage.


Libertadores Cup

At that moment a man in a white shirt (an official from the Barranquilla mayor’s office) tries to intercept him, and Giordana reacts with a slap, unleashing the fury of his teammates, who went to support the forward.

The journalist José Hugo Illera published one of the videos that accuse Giordana, in which the provocative gesture towards the Junior fans is seen. The mayor’s official is also seen trying to restrain the Argentine, although no aggression is perceived on his part; yes an angry response from the ambassador player.

The newspaper TIME He consulted with Millonarios sources who were at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan stadium, who assured that “the problem was not with the Police. When the players were leaving the field, a person, without any identification, a civilian, pushes (Santiago) Giordana. The other players go after the character.”

“That’s when you see the commotion. What the Police end up doing is containing the team, calmly, actually, and they take away the character who pushed Giordana,” she added.

According to the colonel in charge of the operation, the employee of the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office was detained and a summons was imposed on him.

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