Jullien Ramírez defends himself against criticism for his love for Colo Colo

Jullien Ramírez defends himself against criticism for his love for Colo Colo
Jullien Ramírez defends himself against criticism for his love for Colo Colo

Some years ago, Jullien Ramírez surprised everyone with images wearing the Colo Colo shirt. A soccer player born in Canada with a Chilean father, she has made clear her love for the Cacique, although she has not been exempt from criticism from the fans. The thing is Some believe that these are just publicity issues and that he uses the Albos to gain fame and public recognition.

However, things are far from being as some people paint them. In dialogue with DaleAlbo, Ramírez spoke about his love for Colo Colo and how his fanaticism for the Eternal Champion was born. For the first time in Chile, the forward took the opportunity to visit the Monumental Stadium and her amazement at what she had experienced was evident.

Regarding how he takes the comments of some people, Jullien Ramírez made it clear that “People probably don’t know me very well, they only see the outside. Of course I’m a women’s soccer player“Maybe it’s not very common, but I love football with my life, it’s my passion.”

I have played in the most important leagues in Canada, I played in Armenia, in the second division of Germany, I also played in the first division of Lithuania. And I am here not only to rehabilitate my shoulder, but also to try to play soccer in Chile,” added the blonde attacker.

Jullien Ramírez with the Colo Colo shirt. | Image: Jullien Ramírez.

Jullien Ramírez’s dream upon arriving in Chile

The thing is, Ramírez is in the middle of treatment for a shoulder injury. For the same reason, hismain goal is to reconnect with my family, try out to play soccer in Chile and, of course, see Colo Colo. I’m doing everything I plan to do in Chile and I hope people don’t think I’m here just because I want fame or followers. If I had zero followers, I would be doing exactly what I do: fix my shoulder, try to play soccer in Chile, visit my family and support Colo Colo. I love you Colo Colo!”

Thus, the soccer player has taken it upon herself to respond to some critics on social networks, making clear some of her virtues on the playing field. With videos of her plays, she also pointed out that “I will love football until I die and it doesn’t matter if I have followers or not. “I am very happy with my decisions, and I hope everyone else can see that too.”

“My goal in coming to Chile is to visit my family, who I have not yet been able to reunite, as well as do some rehabilitation on my shoulder. Because Last soccer season I was playing professionally in Lithuania, and I suffered a very serious shoulder injury”, he said.

Later, he announced that he is “very happy to be in Chile, I will plan to stay here until August, because the transfer window in Europe closes at the end of August. so I hope to have some tests with some teams here in Chile. Colo Colo Femenino, please!

Jullien Ramírez wants to fulfill his dream of playing for Colo Colo Femenino. | Image: Jullien Ramírez.

The dream of playing in Colo Colo Femenino

Regarding it, Jullien Ramírez, waiting for the definitive recovery of his shoulder, stated that his “My ultimate dream is to reach Colo Colo Femenino, or even play soccer in Chile. I could die tomorrow. You know, my life is complete with that.”

And of course, he knows very well the future of those directed by Tatiele Silveira. In fact, He chose Javiera Grez as his favorite player. The Girl, for her, “is amazing. Her goal, although a little lower, is so good, so fierce and simply amazing. I saw her play yesterday (vs Cobresal), she scored and it’s incredible to see her play.”

Furthermore, he urged that “More people should come to see Colo Colo Femenino because they have incredible quality, they play incredible, they score incredible goals, it is very entertaining to watch. I think we need to get more audiences to watch women’s soccer in Chile. It’s great”.

Jullien Ramírez marvels at the Monumental Stadium and Colo Colo fans

The native of Calgary, Canada, was amazed by the Monumental Stadium. In the Albas match against the Miners, it was the first time she was in Pedrero and she was amazed. The thing is “This stadium, I have been to many in Europe, and this stadium is surely by far the most beautiful I have seen. With the mountains in the background, with the Indian in the middle, it is incredible.”

At night it has a different aura. I feel like the fans are the ones who make it special at night because you don’t have that view.. But everyone around the stadium, especially the fans there (points to Magallanes), is just mind-blowing. I’m having an amazing experience“, he commented on his visit to the Cacique’s match against Palestino.

Ramírez leaves Chile as a mandatory destination for his vacations

In her experience in our country, the former Borussia Pankow, in addition to being treated for her shoulder, visited Valparaíso and was shocked. “Beautifull. Beautiful,” she said. “I really like Valparaíso. Beautifull. Beautiful. Everything is so beautiful, the sea, the sunsets in Chile have been one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life. If some people know me, they know that I love to travel. I love it, it is one of my passions in life,” he said.

Finally, he acknowledged that “I like Valparaíso, the ocean and the sunset in Chile. The mountains are here and the ocean there. It is such a beautiful country, everything about it. I am very grateful to be able to be here, even if I don’t find a team in Chile and I go back to Europe to play soccer, I will come to visit Chile every year. It will be my number one travel destination to visit my family, to enjoy the weather, the people and see Colo Colo. I will be back forever.”

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