Thiago Messi gave his first interview and revealed who he dreams of playing with

Thiago Messi gave his first interview and revealed who he dreams of playing with
Thiago Messi gave his first interview and revealed who he dreams of playing with


From a very young age, Thiago Messi made it clear that his goal was to follow in his father’s footsteps, since his passion for ball is in his DNA. Now, for the first time, He gave an interview in which he revealed what his professional goals and his biggest dream are.. The 11-year-old young man is passionate about soccer and currently plays in the Inter Miami youth team, where he has fun with friends and perfects his sporting qualities every day. Thanks to some videos that were published of his training, He is usually seen dribbling or scoring goals, with the support of his family in the stands..

On this occasion, he spoke for the first time as a footballer in a note and He made it clear what his steps were and his goals as a professional.. It is worth remembering that, despite being born in Barcelona, ​​his heart always beat for Argentina, the country of his parents, Leo and Antonela Roccuzzo. Precisely, in that interview that was evident. Everything happened within the framework of the tournament that is being carried out, the LaLiga FC Futures, where they already tied 0-0 against the Real Sociedad youth team and lost 5-0 against Barcelona’s La Masía.

Before the confrontation with the Catalans, Thiago opened up about his feelings. “I want to play with the Argentine National Team”, He admitted to the Spanish journalist in charge of the match, who, surprised by the response, assured that they will try to convince him to play with the Europeans. With great determination, he clarified: “No, I don’t think so.”.

José Ramón de la Morena was the host of the table where Thiago, his coach and three other children were, including Benjamín Suárez, son of Luis Suárez. The young Messi, dressed in a gray Inter Miami shirt, He announced with laughter that he does not use social networks. In this context, one of his friends confessed to being a Real Madrid fan, causing a mischievous expression in the soccer star’s son.

Leo Messi and Thiago, the eldest of his children

Regarding how his debut as a footballer was, he admitted: “It was hard, a lot of nerves.” “The most beautiful thing of the day?” His interviewer later asked him, to which the eldest of Messi’s sons responded: “Surely the experience of having played in front of so many people and showing the level that we all have”.

“I knew about this tournament, but I didn’t watch it. I never thought about playing it,” he commented regarding the competition in which Xavi and Iniesta also played. “I got more nervous playing today than watching my father play”he added.

Then, he referred to what his dream goal would be: “I don’t care much what the goal is, but the important thing is that it is a goal”. In that sense, about his skills and preferences when playing ball, he commented: “I’m not very good with the left, I haven’t come out like my father”. Precisely, with respect to his father, they asked him what was the most beautiful goal he scored and he did not hesitate for a second when answering: “Probably the one with the header in the Champions League final, against Manchester United”. In this way, he remembered Barcelona’s victory in Moscow in May 2009.

Throughout the interview, Leo’s son continued to give his opinion about football, in addition to being encouraged to answer questions in a fun way. table tennislike who I chose between Mbappé and Haaland. “Each one has their best things, but if I have to choose one I’ll choose Haaland because I always liked him”, he admitted. But that was not all, because when closing the note he did not hesitate to choose his favorite player: Lamine Yamal, the 16-year-old boy from Barcelona who is preparing to be in the Euro 2024 with Spain, with whom he assured that he would love to play.


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