The path of Andrea Guerrero, the beloved RCN journalist who became president of Win Sports

Growing up in the middle of technical talks that his father gavewho was president of Cúcuta Deportivo when she was a girl, It made Andrea Guerrero see football not only as a passion, but as a lifestyle. For that reason, at a time when women were only “company” for the country’s sports journalists, decided to study social communication and break the moldbecoming one of the most important sports communicators and, more recently, being elected president of Win Sportsthe most important position of the Ardila Lülle channel.

Andrea Guerrero comes to preside over the Ardila Lülle channel, replacing Juan Carlos Peña. Photo: andreaguerreroquintero

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Andrea Guerrero, the girl who always lived surrounded by soccer

Andrea Guerrero was born in Cúcuta, Norte de Santanderon December 8, 1983. As already said, He was born into a family that breathed football and that every weekend he went to the General Santander Stadium to watch the Cúcuta Deportivo games. Before playing with dolls, the journalist he learned to discover the love for the ballwhich, sponsored by his father, Germán Guerrero, increased over time. He studied at Santa Teresa Schoolone of the most important in the northern capital of Santander and, upon finishing high school, Although he first studied Finance, he eventually opted for communication.

Andrea Guerrero's father - The path of Andrea Guerrero, the beloved RCN journalist who became president of Win SportsAndrea Guerrero's father - The path of Andrea Guerrero, the beloved RCN journalist who became president of Win Sports
Germán Guerrero, the journalist’s father, was not only president of Cúcuta Deportivo but also owner of the motilones.

That’s how He arrived in the capital of the country to fulfill his dream at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where, thanks to his undeniable talent, but also his great responsibility, he always stood out from others. Graduated and already as a professional, tried to go on the side of politicsbut Claudia Gurisatti told him to do what he was most passionate about, and then decided to talk about sports. She started working for the Ardila Lülle in RCN Radio, on La FMand was also in charge of the sports in El Mañanero de La Mega, another station in the chain. Her voice began to be recognized and It didn’t take long for his image to become one too..

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Arrival at RCN as the “super cool” journalist

In 2005 came the great opportunity for Andrea Guerrero to be part of the remembered program, and very recognized at that time, RCN Footballmania. As is usual in broadcasts, while the narrator and commentators were in the booth, a journalist covered the field, and She was in charge of that position for almost a year.. There she became famous for choose the “super cool” player of the field, which is why She began to be nicknamed the “super cool journalist.” of the channel and began to gain some fame, which would take her to the main newscast.

- The path of Andrea Guerrero, the beloved RCN journalist who became president of Win Sports- The path of Andrea Guerrero, the beloved RCN journalist who became president of Win Sports
During the on-court coverage, Andrea Guerrero developed her characteristic way of presenting information, a style that has not been immune from criticism. Photo: RCN News

With the help of Álvaro García Jiménez, who was the director of Noticias RCN in 2006, Andrea Guerrero became the news sports presenter and quickly consolidated. With Carlos Antonio Velez as her “dad” and accompanied by other great talents, such as Ricardo Henaowas chosen for cover the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, being one of the “last called up” and fulfilling the dream that any sports journalist has: to be in the highest competition in world sport.

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The experience that made her president of Win Sports

After confirming himself as one of the faces of Noticias RCN, The presenter also appeared on channels such as Win Sports (2012 or ESPN (2013), where he continued to expand his experience as a sports journalist. Likewise, after carry out some postgraduate studies, obtained management positionsmore than anything on the channel where she began her career on television, being chosen general director of sports at RCN in 2016. He has been in that position to this day and has achieved very important agreements, such as the return of the Colombian team to the Ardila Lülle channel.

With 19 years of experience and being, rightly, one of the darlings of Nuestra Tele, Andrea Guerrero was elected president of Win Sports, being the first woman to hold that position. The communicator arrives in replacement of Juan Carlos Peñawho resigned a few days ago and who, in the midst of his goodbye, left a pretty big challenge for the Cucuteña: the restructuring of personnel and content that the channel undertook at the end of May 2024and which also caused the departure of Javier Fernández Franco, the singer of the goal.

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