New trouble for Kyle Walker: his ex-lover puts him on the spot again with his wife

New trouble for Kyle Walker: his ex-lover puts him on the spot again with his wife
New trouble for Kyle Walker: his ex-lover puts him on the spot again with his wife

Kyle Walker’s personal double life continues to cause him problems to the footballer, who was abandoned by his wife, Annie Kilner, when she was pregnant with their fourth child together, after his lover (with whom he already had a little boy, Kairo, 4 years old) confirmed that the player was also the father of the baby she had had last summer. After giving birth to their last child, the couple seems to have been able to turn the situation around and have given themselves a new opportunity.

However, Lauryn Goodman has put the England player in trouble after stating that he had invited her to go tonight to watch his team’s match at Euro 2024. Some statements that he had to come to terms with, precisely when his wife was preparing to fly to Germany on a £30,000 private trip with her family to see him play against Serbia.

“Kyle is focused on England and ready to play for the country. Categorically, He did not invite Lauryn or anyone from his family to the game.. “His statements are simply false,” a source close to the footballer told Mail Online. “Of course She is free to enjoy the games, just like the rest of the country, but, in reality, it has nothing to do with Kyle or his family,” he added.

“Kyle is very focused on the games ahead for give the team the best possible chance to take home the trophy in front of the millions of fans watching, including his wife and children. He will not be distracted by any off-field activities,” he added.

Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker.

According to The Sunthe ex-lover of the Manchester City player would intend to go to Europe with her son Kairo to record scenes for an upcoming reality about her life as the partner of a footballer. As a source had leaked to the aforementioned media: “Lauryn really believes that Kyle will want her son to be there. She has been given tickets and flights have been arranged so that she can travel. Kairo shouldn’t have to watch his dad play for his country from a TV in England; He deserves to be there.”

Objective: prevent the ex-lover from being there

The members of the England team know that it is very difficult to prevent Lauryn Goodman from going to Germany because they cannot control all the entrances to the stadium, but they can They will use all means to prevent him from joining the rest of the families of the team members so that he does not distract the player..

“There are special seating areas at each of the games that are allocated to players and staff for their family and friends, and very often those tickets are passed around and shared between people close to the team, and there is no doubt that Annie, Kyle’s wife, will do it. There is no way for her to be given anything directly as things currently stand, but You could try to get it through other means or through friends within the sport; knows many football players and agents“, they explain from within the group.

“The coach and the team need to concentrate fully on the games. Any distraction will be totally repressed. Whatever is in their power, they will do. Nobody wants a circus to ruin their chances.”, they add.

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