Copa América: selection confirmed significant loss; doubt in group stage

Copa América: selection confirmed significant loss; doubt in group stage
Copa América: selection confirmed significant loss; doubt in group stage

The Copa America 2024 It is played at great speed and with the prominence of Peruwhich already debuted under the orders of Jorge Fossati. The Peruvian team crashed into Chili and could not go beyond a gray tie where the physical and fast game prevailed in a war to face again Ricardo Garecacurrent coach of the southern team.

During the 90 minutes, there were few emotions, despite the fact that in the second half, Peru had more possession and attacked more with the scoring duo of Gianluca Lapadula who started as a starter and Paolo Guerrero who saw minutes on the field and was able to break the Chilean goal.

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The first half, where there were more pauses for infractions than emotions, had a good Chilean performance with Alexis Sanchez and Victor Davila, but they could not violate the Peruvian goal during the 90 minutes. A goalless draw that complicates both teams in group A, given that they will have to face Argentina and Canada.

Without a doubt, the great concern arose in Peru around 35 minutes with the injury of Luis Advíncula who suffered more than necessary in a very physical match during the 90 minutes of regulation. At that moment, the side of Boca Juniors He had to leave his place on the field due to physical discomfort, which, shortly after finishing the match, was going to translate into headaches for Jorge Fossati and the Peruvian team in this Copa América.


After what happened 35 minutes into the game, Luis Advíncula said that he was suffering from an issue in his Achilles tendon that does not seem to be very delicate. However, due to the few days of rest in a contest that is progressing quickly, it is estimated that Jorge Fossati could not count on the winger, at least, in the match against Canada on the second date.

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More calmly, the first examinations detailed that Luis Advíncula was suffering from an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Fortunately, there was no breakage that could further complicate the side. The Uruguayan coach will not be able to count on Advíncula in the second match, and is a doubt to face Argentina, as long as his injury evolves in the best way. To the Peruvian, it is added Edson Alvarez who also had to leave the field with Mexico and his participation is in danger.

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