O2 Cloud, Digi Storage, Movistar Cloud… Which operator has the best cloud storage?

In addition to solutions such as Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox, telephone operators have also signed up to offer their own cloud storage services for their customers. The great advantage is that, normally, these services will be included in some rates, or they will not cost as much as other platforms with the same purpose.

Below we will examine the online storage offers of the main operators in Spain, so you know which ones you can use if you need extra space for all your photos or videos, and we will try to find out which one offers the most to its customers. None of the options entail permanence, as they are linked to a contracted rate.

O2 Cloud

O2, a brand belonging to Telefónica, offers a generous cloud storage service that, to begin with, is free for all its customers with Fiber and Mobile rates (both services at the same time). The negative aspect is that, as its website suggests, users with mobile-only or fiber-only rates will not be able to access this service, not even paying for it.

In any case, those who are eligible for O2 Cloud will enjoy up to 500 GB of online storage completely free. By downloading its mobile application, available for Android and iOS, you can easily transfer files from your phone to the cloud, and you can delete them from your phone immediately to free up space and continue recording memories. Users will be able to create albums and folders inside, to keep files organized. Your app can also be used on tablets or from the computer, accessing this link.

Digi Storage

The Romanian virtual operator is gaining more and more share in Spain, taking advantage of its low-cost rates. Like O2, Digi’s storage service is free, but only those who have contracted fiber can use it. If this is your case, you will have 50 GB free available, and not only to save files, but also to save Backups of your device.

Additionally, Digi Storage allows connection with other services of the same type, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. This will be very convenient if we already use one of these services, or if we want to transfer files from one to another. We can also easily share files with other people, even if they are not Digi users.

The number of gigabytes offered is, obviously, much less than O2’s 500 GB, but if we need more, Digi offers to upgrade to 200 GB of storage for 2 extra euros per month, or contract 1 terabyte of storage for only 4 euros more per month. month. You can access it with an app for Android and iOS, and also from your computer, whether Windows, Mac or Linux, at this link.

Movistar Cloud

Like the previous operators mentioned, Movistar Cloud is free, but there is a big difference: it is available for all mobile tariff users. Therefore, it is not necessary to have fiber contracted with the operator. “All contract mobile lines, miMovistar, Fusión, etc. can enjoy Movistar Cloud,” they indicate on their website. The only condition is that the line must be a contract, prepaid ones are not valid.

This service stands out because it offers unlimited gigs, that is, storage for photos, videos or documents without limit. As an extra detail, Movistar Cloud allows you to edit photographs with filters and effects, ideal for publishing them on social networks, as well as creating puzzles with the photos to play with them.

Movistar Cloud

If, in addition to a mobile line, you have fiber with Movistar Plus+ and a 4K decoder, you will be able to see your photos and videos saved in the cloud from your television, and send them to other users who also have Movistar Plus+. The devices from which we can access are the same as in the previous cases.

Other operators

Years ago, there were other operators that also offered cloud services, but they have been discarding them or making them exclusive for business clients. Examples of this are Orange, which no longer has Orange Cloud visible on its website, and Vodafone Cloud, which used to offer 5 GB of storage. Now, Vodafone only offers cloud storage for businesses through Microsoft Azure. On the other hand, Yoigo has launched campaigns in the past in which it gave away a month of Google One with 100 GB of space.

Which is better?

Based on the number of gigabytes available and the price, the winner would be Movistar Cloud, by offering unlimited storage for mobile rate users, without the need for contracted fiber. In this way, its service is available to a larger audience than in the others. two, which require a fiber or fiber + mobile rate.

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