An anti-universe that goes back in time is the new scientific proposal that would explain great mysteries

An anti-universe that goes back in time is the new scientific proposal that would explain great mysteries
An anti-universe that goes back in time is the new scientific proposal that would explain great mysteries

Dark matter and cosmic inflation would obtain a solution to their respective mysteries, if the existence of the anti-universe is proven.

There is a new theorydifficult to conceive, but amazing, which seeks to explain mysteries like dark matter and cosmic inflation. Specifically, the proposal goes for a “anti-universe”that is, a kind of twin of our Universe that goes back in time.

According to what Live Science specialists point out, the idea of antiuniverse starts from the basis that the early universe It was small, hot and dense, and so uniform that time appears symmetrical back and forth.

This combines well with symmetry that nature presents in other areas. In this sense, there are three fundamentals: load, parity and time. According to experts, physical interactions obey most of these symmetries most of the time, although, yes, there are exceptions.

An investigation on the topic

The theory of antiuniverse has been treated seriously. An example is a new article, recently accepted for publication in the journal Annals of Physicswhich delved into the possibility that the three symmetries mentioned are applicable to the entire Universe.

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It turns out that the authors of the research believe that if we extend this quality of load, parity and time, to the entire cosmosso, Until now, we have not gotten a complete picture of this.

We will never see it

It is too early, even with these efforts, to determine that the antiuniverse exists. However, seeing it as such is also almost impossible. This is supported by the predictions of scientists, who believe that, if there were, this twin would never be within our reach, because it would be located “behind” the Big BangBefore the beginning.

Despite everything, scientists say that future experiments searching for gravitational waves could answer, once and for all, the question of whether the, for now, hypothetical anti-universe exists.

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“If true, the new theory means that dark matter is not so mysterious; It’s just a new flavor of a ghostly particle called a neutrino that can only exist in this type of universe. And the theory implies that there would be no need for a period of “inflation” that rapidly expanded the size of the young cosmos shortly after the big Bang” reads Live Science.

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