I’ve tried both systems and Instagram works much better on an iPhone

This is something that was clearer in the past, however, today it is still a very obvious reason for many influencers to choose the apple as their main mobile phone, and it has nothing to do with posturing. Let’s see what we’re talking about.

Does Instagram work better on iPhone or Android?

Many will think that, of course, an iPhone is generally a high-end phone with very good cameras, and that most Androids are mid-range, and that is why the difference is so noticeable. However, this is not the case, and if we talk about a simple iPhone SE with a single camera, and we compare it with a 1,000 euro Galaxy S24 Ultra and one of the best lenses on the market, we continue to see how the sharpness of a story or a photo on Instagram is much better with the iOS system.

This is due to the optimization of the Apple system on Instagramand it is not a matter of Android or iPhone, but of the application itself, which is designed so that the videos and photos uploaded from the apple mobile are seen with much more clarity and resolution than those of other brands, although these have a better camera.

Hence the reason we mentioned, that many influencers decide to have any iPhone model, since when they upload something they will notice how its visualization is better, regardless of whether they see it from one brand or another, since when it comes to seeing a photo , yes it looks the same on everyone, what matters is where you upload it from for the first time.

Recently, and with the latest updates, the difference is no longer as clear as it was years ago, however, if you are going to do a live stream, you will be able to see how it seems that you have a bad connection if you use an Android, because functions like this, They are still one step behind the iPhone.

We do not know if there is a hidden agreement between Apple and MetaWhat we do know is what we can observe, and today it is still much better to upload a file from iPhone than from Android, we will see what happens in the future, although we have been like this for many years.

And you, are you one of those who have realized this and are bothered that a great photo is not published as it should? Or, have you not even noticed and think that the quality at which Instagram uploads is more than sufficient? our stories despite being with Android? Leave us a comment with your opinions and experiences about this topic and application that everyone uses.

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