It doesn’t matter how many times we face this dark action and fantasy RPG, one way or another it always gives us joy. We play Path of Exile 2 on consoles – Path of Exile 2

It doesn’t matter how many times we face this dark action and fantasy RPG, one way or another it always gives us joy. We play Path of Exile 2 on consoles – Path of Exile 2
It doesn’t matter how many times we face this dark action and fantasy RPG, one way or another it always gives us joy. We play Path of Exile 2 on consoles – Path of Exile 2

Grinding Gear’s new free action RPG introduces the new Witch class

It doesn’t matter how many hours we spend Path of Exile 2that every time we return to this dark fantasy universe we are clearer than the new Grinding Gear Games promises to become one of the best games action RPG of the last few years. It’s so good that the hours fly by; and it’s so big and ambitious that just when you think it can’t surprise you anymore, because it’s not the first time you’ve seen it in action, it manages to give you new joy in the form of epic battles, super-fun heroes to play with, or beastly final monsters.

This is exactly what happened to us during the Summer Game Festivalin which we have had the opportunity to play several hours to this dark action and role-playing adventure in its console versionwhich has also helped us to verify that great advances have been made so that its brutal combats work perfectly with a controller, greatly improving the sensations of the original.

Path of Exile 2’s combat is more aggressive

In this new demo of Path of Exile 2 They gave us the opportunity to try some of the six new classes hero that add to the six archetypes of the original, and my first choice was the Witchwhich was the big novelty of the event and inevitably reminds us of the Necromancer from the Diablo saga for its ability not only to summon skeletons, but also other creatures such as cadaverous scorpions. Or well, this is one of the options because he can also specialize in the use of ice magic, lightning or whatever you want. This is Path of Exile, which means there are hundreds of options and combinations for you to shape the adventurer that best suits your tastes.

It’s easier to understand, but it’s still a very deep game

The big difference from the original game is that PoE2 aspires to be more friendly with less experienced players, which does not mean it is less deep. I can tell you that the first time you open the huge skill tree of the game you will be left speechless, because it is immense!, and as you delve deeper into the renewed gem system, which are now the ones that give access to your hero’s active abilities, you will enjoy progression more and more in a game that promises to make us experience brutally savage combat situations. This is something I liked and is part of Grinding Gear Games’ new design philosophy.

If you allow me, I’m going to talk for a moment about the fantastic Diablo 4, in which the action takes you forward like a savage while you exterminate hordes and hordes of demons. In Path of Exile 2 the opposite happens. More than moving forward, what forces you is to constantly go back to protect you from enemies that even in their simplest version are threatening. Its authors told me that this is so for a very simple reason. In PoE 2 there are no wait times when using your abilities; If you have energy, you can use the same move as many times as you want. What happen? If the enemies were very passive you wouldn’t even have to move from the spot. You would unleash hell on them and the fight would be over. That’s why now “monsters are so threatening,” they say.

The action is smoother, more exciting and allows you to do more crazy things than ever before.

At first glance it may seem that everything remains the same, but a couple of minutes with Path of Exile 2 are enough to realize the great leap in quality who have matched their fights with respect to those of the original. The action feels smoother, more exciting, and allows you to do more crazy things than ever before. Furthermore, it is easy for the screen to flood in a matter of seconds. monster waves that force you to move, dodge and use the scenario to your advantage. And as I told you, remote control feels much more comfortable. Even inventory management, which could previously be a headache, works like a charm in this sequel.

This makes me doubly happy because of the option of play cooperatively on the same console, since both players can be messing around with the inventory or the skill tree without bothering each other. All of your hero’s actions can be freely assigned to the controller’s face buttons, while you also have dodges and access to items and potions on the D-pad. That he feels this comfortable is even better news when you think about Steam Deckand the possibility of enjoying a game with these characteristics in portable format.

“The goal is not for people to continue playing all season”

Thinking about all the complaints that the first Path of Exile received, the Grinding Gear team has also redesigned the initial phases of the game so that those first hours feel more intuitive and clear when it comes to making us understand how to play and how far we can go in this action RPG. Because I’m telling you that when you get down to it and start choosing skills and upgrades, the game is overwhelming.

What will happen with Path of Exile

The announcement of this sequel was accompanied by the promise that the original title would continue to receive content as if nothing had happened, in order to keep both games in parallel. The Grinding Gear team has been divided to make this possible, and during this demo they told us that the plan is to alternate between seasons so that every so often one of the two titles receives new challenges that serve as an excuse for veterans to return to action. At this point they commented something interesting, and that is that not everyone understands the concept of seasons well, because they are not there for you to spend hundreds of hours playing like a crazy person. “The goal is not to keep people playing all season,” said director Jonathan Rogers. They have to get tired, abandon the game, and come back later with renewed energy.

It makes a lot of sense if you look at it from the perspective of a fan of action RPG games, because there are currently many very good games of this style on the market, and you don’t have to marry just one. It’s not like before, he adds, “in the era of subscription MMOs in which if you played, it was the only thing you played and you didn’t do anything else,” he says. Eurogamer.

Lastly, I don’t want to forget either graphic section of Path of Exile 2 because the game looks spectacular. The aesthetics of its dark fantasy world look better than ever, with a labyrinthine dungeon design and tons of visual effects, terrifying monsters and very elaborate animations that at times make you even make faces of astonishment. This is how good the game looks. In this version of the Summer Game Fest on consoles the frame rate per second was somewhat irregular, but Grinding Gear aspires to achieve the 60FPS on all platforms. At least, it’s not something that goes through their heads, they said.

With all this, Path of Exile 2 plans to release as a game with early access in PC, Xbox Series and PS5 at the end of this year. I’m already dying for that day to come to get lost in its dark and fearsome fantasy world again.

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