NASA | A star will explode and it can be seen from Earth: when it will happen and how to see it

NASA | A star will explode and it can be seen from Earth: when it will happen and how to see it
NASA | A star will explode and it can be seen from Earth: when it will happen and how to see it

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that in the coming months a star, located 3,000 meters away, will explode. light years from Earthand can be seen with binoculars.

The estimates made by the US organization ensure that the event could have occurred recently and that it would be a not goingor new star, the one that will delight astronomy fans.

“It is anticipated that a star system, located 3,000 light years from Earth, soon to be visible to the naked eye. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime observation opportunity, since a nova burst only occurs approximately every 80 years“says the agency.

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When will the star explode?

According to the information provided by the POTthis shocking astronomical phenomenon could happen in the months aheadbeing September the last chance to glimpse.

The star in question is T Coronae Borealis, or T CRB, which exploded in a solar system far from planet Earth for the last time during 1946 and repeats it approximately every 8 decades.

According to NASA, the star could explode in the coming months. Photo: Archive.

In a simulation carried out through NASA’s Goodard Space Flight Center, the agency explained how this phenomenon occurs.

“T Coronae Borealis is a binary system with a companion white dwarf and red giant. The red giant sheds material from its outer shell. The white dwarf captures some of this material, which accumulates on its surface and ends up causing a rash. This is the nova we see,” he explains.

How to observe it in the sky?

When NASA communicates the record of the star’s explosion, fans and those interested in seeing it will have to address a series of questions.

Currently, it can be seen in the night sky with a magnitude of +10, being too faint. However, during its explosion it will have a higher brightness, and can be seen the same as the Polar Starfrom the constellation Polaris.

The star will be located in the constellation Corona Boreal either Northern Crownwhich appears as a small semicircular arc between Bootes and Hercules, as described by NASA.

In this regard, those who wish to observe it when the explosion is announced will have to look after dusk during summer in the northern hemisphere.

One way to locate Hercules is by the star Vega, while Bootes can be detected by the bright Arcturus.

In what year will it explode again?

The studies carried out have revealed that once the star explodes, a period of dimming will begin for 80 yearsuntil it explodes again in the year 2104.

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