Prince William and his solo outing on his daughter’s birthday – Publimetro Chile

Prince William and his solo outing on his daughter’s birthday – Publimetro Chile
Prince William and his solo outing on his daughter’s birthday – Publimetro Chile

He prince william has been involved in various accusations in recent months ranging from his alleged infidelity to Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury, to his lack of support for his wife in the midst of her cancer diagnosis, after he was only caught visiting her once in the hospital where she underwent surgery in January.

Now him future king of england He has once again been in the middle of negative comments and this time they question his role as an exemplary father, after he was absent on the ninth birthday of the princess charlotte, celebrated last May 2.


The eldest son of King Charles III has been captured on some occasions enjoying some soccer games or in his real commitments, in the middle of the diagnosis of cancer from his wife, who has preferred to stay away from public life.

Prince William’s solo outing that has outraged

Although the princes of Wales remembered the birthdays of their daughter Charlotte With a postcard posted on social networks, little and nothing is known about the private celebration that the little girl would have had with her family.

What has become clear is that his father took a getaway to enjoy the semifinal match between Aston Villa and Olympiacos in the Conference League at Villa Park, being caught in the box sharing with friends.

Between laughter and anguish due to some tense moments of the game, William could be seen and some of the images have gone viral on social networks, where many users consider it unacceptable that he went alone to enjoy himself in the middle of his daughter’s birthday and especially in such a difficult family situation that you are going through due to the princess’s health problems.

“Shouldn’t you invite your daughter to celebrate her birthday?”, “We’ve seen Willy at more football matches and pubs than we’ve seen him and his wife announcing his PREVENTIVE cancer treatment, visiting her when she was in a ‘clinic’ or any random photo of him accompanying her during treatment”, “It’s pretty sad that he’s watching football instead of, I don’t know, being at home to spend his dear daughter’s birthday with her”, “It smells like a single dad “, have been some comments.

william had taken some time rest to go through with his family the tense situation they have experienced due to health problems, but he has decided to resume his personal and work agenda with everything.

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