Trueno revisits 2000s hip hop in ‘THE ROOF IS ON FIRE’

Trueno revisits 2000s hip hop in ‘THE ROOF IS ON FIRE’
Trueno revisits 2000s hip hop in ‘THE ROOF IS ON FIRE’

Trueno’s next studio album is getting closer and the Argentine artist has shared a new preview. In ‘THE ROOF IS ON FIRE’, he expresses the pride he has in his roots and the way they have driven him to become the performer we know today.

“Did you want rap?/I came, I have the whole neighborhood behind/I’m glad to introduce myself,” he raps.

Similar to ‘No Cup’, released earlier this year, the song takes us back to the 2000s with the hip hop style that characterized the time. “The rap of the 2000s is what totally embraced me in my life. I was born in 2002 so that is my style, it is my decade, my aura,” he tells ROLLING STONE en Español, “it is what I know how to do best and what I like to listen to the most. The greatest references I have are from that time.”

For the artist, both songs touch a “heartstring.” “It’s difficult to choose your own favorite songs because you love them all, but I can tell you that it is the style of hip hop that I grew up with,” he confesses.

The official video that accompanies the single sees him begin a new stage of his musical project by burning all his awards and recognitions, watching them burn next to a boombox. But Trueno makes it clear that he plans to stay close to his roots. “The damn neighborhood of La Boca / You already know who I am / The same one of the battles,” he declares at the end of the song, referring to the neighborhood where he grew up and the freestyle competitions that cultivated his art.

After a year of many changes and evolution, Trueno has given indications of the title of his next album with the initials EUB, same ones that appear at the end of the video to reveal the date of its release: May 23.

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