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(Des Moines) Gasoline prices in Iowa last week increased by two cents per gallon, according to AAA. The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in Iowa was $3.30 as of Wednesday. This is ten cents lower than the price from one year ago. The national average remained the same as last week at $3.66.

The price of crude oil declined this week, with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) dropping by $1.14 per barrel and now costing $81.39. Brent crude oil also fell for $1.98 and is priced at $85.71. One year ago, WTI crude was selling for $75.66, while Brent crude was priced at $76.71.

Diesel prices in Iowa decreased three cents this week, with the statewide average now at $3.72. This is 16 cents lower than the price since one year ago. The current Iowa diesel price is 29 cents lower than the national average of $4.01.

The price of wholesale ethanol remained steady at $2.16. Lastly, natural gas prices at the Henry Hub reporting site fell by four cents and is now priced at $1.92/MMbtu.

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