Marta Riumbau, ex-partner of Diego Matamoros, 4 months pregnant: the details

Marta Riumbau, ex-partner of Diego Matamoros, 4 months pregnant: the details
Marta Riumbau, ex-partner of Diego Matamoros, 4 months pregnant: the details

The influencer Marta Riumbau, former partner of Diego Matamoros, has announced that she is expecting her first baby. After a long process to get pregnant, the Catalan content creator has gone to her social networks, where she has more than six hundred thousand followers, to announce this news. We tell you all the details!

Late in the afternoon of this May 7, the young woman shared a video on her social networks in which she showed her first maternity silhouette and the images of her first ultrasounds. In this clip, the Catalan has revealed that she has also made an important decision in this process, weeks after announcing her breakup with Diego Matamoros.

I have made the decision to be a single mother. One day, when you’re a little older, I’ll sit down with you and explain everything to you. I will tell you that you are the most desired baby in the world, that I couldn’t wait to meet you and that it is you and me. That you are special and I am going to do my best to make you the happiest person in the world. But for now, be good for about 23 more weeks.”

And this news comes only two months after Diego announced their breakup after “a deep self-analysis and understanding” of what they both needed at that time in their lives: “Despite the changes, we have continued to live in the same house, supporting each other on our individual paths to growth and happiness , without either party getting tired of the other’s existence.”

In 2020, Marta already thought about resorting to egg freezing. However, it was not until 2022 when she took the step of undergoing vitrification, a method that she herself spoke about on her social networks. The influencer decided to carry out the process “regardless of what she was going to do in the future” after being informed by the doctors that her ovarian reserve was “abnormally low” for her age, at that time 34 years old, as a result of the endometriosis she suffers from.

Diego Matamoros issues a statement confirming his breakup with Marta Riumbau

“Ten to twelve eggs are needed for insemination, something that is normally removed in one go, but in my case this is impossible and it will have to be repeated more than once because I don’t have that many,” he explained after having had to repeat the process twice since I had “four or five eggs” that would be suitable for the procedure.

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