With one less, Talleres tied with de Córdoba :: News from Lomas de Zamora

Workshops and of Córdoba they tied without goals in Climbing Remedies for the 14th date of the Zone B of the First National Tournament. Albirrojo, which reached 15 points, escaped by four from Güemes de Santiago del Estero, the last one.

The team of Martin Rolon had an erratic start, racing He went out to take it in front and exposed it with high pressure and long-distance shots, one of them very well resolved by the slap of Damián Tello against Axel Oyola.

Workshops took a while to find the links between Fernando Enrique and Tomás Aspreaso that Agustín Campana exploit your speed and Nicolas Molina can win the battle between the center backs Facundo Rivero and Gianfranco Ferrero.

The game never finished coming together, it ended with blows and inaccuracies in the game on the part of both sides. The home team went to half-time without creating a scoring chance in front of the goal defended by Joaquín Mattalía. Just a run Patricio Romero who, with no marks in sight, finished crosswise and far from the left post.

The worst thing that could have happened to Albirrojo was being left with 10 before the minute of the complement. Referee Marcos Recalde expelled Fernando Duré for a violation of Leandro Fernandez, discussed, because the forward was opening towards the left of the attack and not facing Tello’s fence.

Without a doubt, the local felt the blow, redoubled their efforts and managed to contain the rival. Racing, halfway through the second half, began to defend with three and attacked in search of victory, against a Workshops to whom the Mattalía arch was far away.

About the end, the New Italy team He had two clear chances. In the first, Matias Pardo enabled Diego Garciacovered down Damián Tello and Bruno Nasta, with the entire goal at his mercy, raised the shot. And in the discount, Rodrigo Lopez He hit the ball with his chest, hit the volley and the goalkeeper flew to get it out of the angle.

The point was not what Talleres was looking for, but the impact of the complement was key to its subsequent development. As much as the saves of the “Crazy” Tello.


Workshops (0): Damián Tello; Fernando Duré, Luciano Sánchez, Nicolás Malvacio and Patricio Romero; Norberto Palmieri, Alejandro Benítez, Tomás Asprea and Fernando Enrique; Agustín Campana and Nicolás Molina. DT: Martín Rolón.

Racing de Córdoba (0): Joaquín Mattalía; Lautaro Geminiani, Facundo Rivero, Gianfranco Ferrero and Fernando González; Alan Olinick, Gonzalo Rostagno, Leandro Fernández, Axel Oyola and Nicolás Sánchez; Sebastian Marfort. DT: Juan Carlos Olave.

Goals: there wasn’t. ST changes: 13m. Bruno Nasta for Marfort (R) and Diego García for Olinick (R), 20m. Sebastián Benega by Campana (T), 22m. Matías Pardo by Geminiani (R), 30m. Rodrigo Cao for Asprea (T), Sebastián Gallardo for Molina (T) and Diogo Guzmán for Enrique (T), 40m. Facundo Curuchet for Oyola (R) and Rodrigo López for Sánchez (R), 47m. Maximiliano Rogoski for Benítez (T). Cautioned: Sánchez, Enrique, Benítez and Cao (T); Rivero and Nasta (R). Expelled ST: 1m. Duré (T). Referee: Marcos Recalde. Stadium: Pablo Comelli.

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