Trump will hold a rally in the Bronx with the support of Latino supporters

Trump will hold a rally in the Bronx with the support of Latino supporters
Trump will hold a rally in the Bronx with the support of Latino supporters

New York, May 22 (EFE).- The former president and Republican candidate for the next presidential elections, Donald Trump, will hold a rally tomorrow Thursday in a Bronx county park where he will have the help of Latino supporters, in a neighborhood that has long had majority Hispanic population.

“The idea of ​​visiting the Bronx was his (Trump) but we, a group of Latino and black leaders, decided to come together to help him and we are coordinating it,” the reverend and former state senator Rubén Díaz told EFE.

According to Díaz, president of the Organization of Hispanic Ministers, Trump is the only candidate for president who has come to the South Bronx, the poorest area of ​​the county, a unique feature in a city where 68% of voters vote. democrat.

“Trump is showing respect to the South Bronx,” said Díaz, adding that the former president (2017-2021), who seeks to return to the White House after the November elections, “does not take the Latino vote for granted” as Democrats do.

According to the NALEO Educational Fund, one million Latinos in New York will let their voices be heard at the polls in November, a projection that represents an increase of 12.4% compared to Latino participation in 2020.

The Latino activist maintained that under the Trump government, Latinos and blacks “had the highest level of jobs,” while now, with a Democratic administration in the city and state, the benefits for his neighbors are not perceived.

In addition, he praised Trump for his ‘tough hand’ with immigration: “When he was president he controlled the entry of people without documents, and not this disaster that Biden created by opening the border” to immigrants; In contrast, Democratic governments “take away help” from us (from neighbors) to give it to immigrants, he says.

Last month, Trump also appeared in Harlem, with a message aimed at bodega owners, a sector dominated by Dominicans who have been affected by a growing wave of robberies and violence. On his tour, he visited the Blue Moon winery, where in 2022 Dominican employee José Alba stabbed and killed a man during an apparent assault attempt.

But not everyone in the Bronx thinks like Díaz: members of the Democratic Party and Working Families, pro-immigrant activists and unions have scheduled a protest against the candidate’s visit.

“Trump is the antithesis of what The Bronx represents,” said Bronx Councilor Amanda Séptimo.

In the November 5 elections, 17.5 million Latinos are expected to vote nationally, an increase of 6.5% when compared to Latino participation in 2020.

More than one in ten voters this year are expected to be Latino, according to the NALEO Educational Fund.

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