For the first time in its history, NASA incorporates an Artificial Intelligence directorate

By order of United States President Joe Biden, NASA will have an Artificial Intelligence division. The space agency seeks to ensure that its development is safe and controlled.

NASA is once again positioned at the forefront of innovation, this time in a field that is advancing in surprising ways across the globe: artificial intelligence. It was learned that by executive order of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, the North American State requested the development and safe use of AI.

Other state organizations that are part of the American fabric will do the same, which could mark a new era in communication and media development. At the time of signing this order in October 2023, Biden noted that AI “is the most consequential technology” in recent history.

The new division at NASA
For this reason, he insisted on the need to control its expansion and its application in all sectors of society. As a result of this, the space agency on Monday named David Salvagnini as its first director of artificial intelligence to align its strategic vision and planning for the use of that technology.

Salvagnini joined NASA in 2023 and is currently the agency’s chief data officer, a role he now expands with new responsibility for leading AI to help AI technology accelerate the pace of discovery.

NASA developed recommendations on taking advantage of emerging AI technology to benefit its objectives and missions, among which it lists the possibility of programming the communications of the Mars explorer ‘Perseverance’ or the search for data on planets outside the solar system.

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