In search of financing for the Gas and Sewer Works, Mayor Benedetti and the president of Cespal meet with Bancor authorities

The Municipal Government reports that last Wednesday, May 22, Mayor Gustavo held a meeting at the headquarters of Banco Provincia de Córdoba, with the Financing Area for Cooperatives and Municipalities. Our president participated in this meeting accompanied by Cespal authorities with the objective of managing gas and sewage works in the southern sector.

Representatives of the Government Banking Management, Cooperatives and Mutuals, the Business Center and the Trustee were present.

Mayor Benedetti, through negotiations with the provincial government, managed to coordinate this important meeting with the authorities of our Public Services Cooperative to obtain financing for the sewer work.

The proposal would consist of granting individual loans to each of the front owners. These funds would be used to carry out the work, and each front owner must return the loan in installments to the Bank of Córdoba. The possibility of making the connection of each home to the sewer network and gas mandatory was also discussed, financing said connection through a loan in favor of Cespal.





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