Alejandro Garnacho anticipated the FA Cup final: “We don’t care about City…”

Alejandro Garnacho anticipated the FA Cup final: “We don’t care about City…”
Alejandro Garnacho anticipated the FA Cup final: “We don’t care about City…”

May 24, 2024, 09:39 ET

Alejandro Garnachofront of Manchester Unitedhe anticipated with SportsCenter the grand finale of the FA Cup in front of Manchester Citywhere he assured that they go for everything and, in addition, received praise and advice from his partner André Onana to become the best in the world.

The Manchester City derby will be played on May 25 at Wembley from 11:00 a.m. (ARG/URU), 10:00 a.m. (CHI), 12:00 p.m. (ECU/COL/PER), and It can be seen live on Star+ (only for South America).

In the run-up to the match that will close the English football season, where United will seek qualification for Europe, after failing in the Premier League, Garnacho was blunt about how they will face the duel against the new champion: “We don’t care about City, we have to go out and win the game, if it benefits them well and if not, also. We, to ours. About the final, they will be attentive for that, but It’s important for us because we want the title.”

On the other hand, the attacker highlighted Lisandro Martínez, who was absent for much of the season due to injury: Licha is a very important player for us, but like him, many have been injured. We have changed the defense combination 30 times, it is difficult, but it is no excuse. We miss it, but we have to play with what we have, because everyone is at the level to be there and be able to compete.'”

Onana’s praise and advice for the Little One

The United goalkeeper was amazed by the talent of the Spanish-Argentine, despite having had other great footballers as teammates: “I have played with many: I have been with Leo (Messi), Tagliafico, Lisandro (Martínez), Peque ( by Garnacho), but the truth He is a great player. “I enjoy him every day, watching him train is a great experience, what he does in training.”

But just as he highlighted the good things about Garnacho, Onana made it clear that he should not “rest on his laurels.”. “As I always say, you have to be constant, keep working and I know that If he does things well, he will end up being not one of the best, but the best. He has to grow up and go through difficulties. That’s why seasons like this are going to make him grow, he’s going to get stronger and “Next season we are going to have a Bug that is going to eat the world.”

How they experienced the great Chilean goal against Everton

Garnacho and Onana also told how they experienced the great bicycle kick goal that Bichito scored against Everton, one of the many nominated for best of the year in the Premier League.

“I was on the other side of the field, I couldn’t believe it. When I saw the ball inside I couldn’t believe it. It is the mark of the greats. Rooney and Cristiano have done it, now El Peque has done it, I think he has a bright future.”highlighted the goalkeeper.

While Garnacho himself was also surprised by its great definition: “The world stopped, I couldn’t believe it. It took me a while to assimilate it, but it was reality and it was incredible.”

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