Borja Iglesias answers the questions from ‘La Resistencia’ and Broncano pokes him: “There you are looking at the door…”

Borja Iglesias and Alejandro Grimaldo were David Broncano’s guests in ‘La Resistencia’ this Thursday, June 6, a program that was recorded on Monday. Both chatted about their season at Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen, where they have achieved a historic double by winning the Bundesliga and the German Cup, in addition to having played in a European final. During his visit to the Movistar+ program, before he leaves for RTVEthe footballers answered the classic questions about their sexual activity in the last month and the money they have in the bank.

The first to respond was the Betis player, who explained that he had been doing calculations before visiting the program and that he had been living alone in Germany. “Winning titles is pure straw,” said Broncano, which produced laughter from the public and guests. “It’s never enough”, Borja Iglesias’ partner, María Valero, present on the set, was heard saying. “We have been together between eight and 10 days, plus what I have contributed individually, give it 10 points,” ‘the panda’ ended up pointing out, with which Broncano joked again: “There he is looking at the door…”


Grimaldo later answered the same question, which he also wanted to put in context. “I live with my wife, but this month she has been in Valencia a lot and I will have been with her for eight or nine days… I also have a daughter, but she is behaving very well,” explained the Leverkusen left back.

David Broncano wanted to know more and inquired about the girl. “The ‘paw patrol’ at full blast and the dryer,” the presenter joked. Grimaldo used the same strategy as Iglesias to give the score. “With my contribution too, maybe seven points or so,” he stated.

The money in the bank of both footballers

The other classic question of the program is the money in the bank that the guest has. Borja Iglesias was once again the first to speak and explained that things have not gone badly for him since the last time he visited the program, more than six years ago.

The last time he went to the set of ‘La Resistencia’ he said he had around 700,000 euros in the bank, while this program confessed that “I don’t know for sure, but between 10 and 15 million euros.”

Grimaldo is not short of money either and has an amount similar to that of the Betic. “I have enough money. “If I retired today I would live in peace for the rest of my life.”, the former Benfica player began by saying. Broncano insisted on the exact amount, “12 million, 15?” Grimaldo responded by asking the presenter.

“I could buy Rembrandt’s ‘Adoration of the Kings'”added Grimaldo, which made them start looking for the value of said work of art, valued at 18.4 million dollars, so Alejandro Grimaldo would have a few million euros more than Borja Iglesias in the bank.

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