Reinforcement for Colo Colo? Lucas Di Yorio’s numbers

Reinforcement for Colo Colo? Lucas Di Yorio’s numbers
Reinforcement for Colo Colo? Lucas Di Yorio’s numbers

There are various names that have been mentioned to arrive in Colo Colo for the second semester. Within the Cacique, one of the great priorities is the incorporation of a forward, this given the departure of Damián Pizarro to Italy. One of the attackers who has begun to sound loudly in the hallways of the Monumental Stadium is Lucas Di Yorio, who currently works for Athletico Paranaense in Brazil.

After good performances with Everton, today’s 27-year-old forward was transferred to León in Mexico. After spending some seasons in North America, Di Yorio would be signed in February by Athletico Paranaense. The one born in Argentina has had the opportunity to play in various competitions with the Curitiba squad.

In the four months since he arrived in Brazilian lands and Despite not being able to earn a starting position, Di Yorio has participated. The attacker was able to contest only 10 meetings so far this yearwhere he saw action in Serie A, in the Paranaense Championship and the Copa Sudamericana, where he settled in the Play Offs after finishing in second place in his group.

Yes ok adds 430 minutes on the field of play defending the Furazao shirt, Di Yorio has scored four goals. The forward has celebrated twice in the Sudamericana, while the rest of his achievements have been in the state tournament. Furthermore, the one born in Mar del Plata, The last time he saw action was on June 2 when he played 45 minutes in the defeat against Fortaleza.

Lucas Di Yorio and his time at Everton de Viña del Mar. Image: Dragomir Yankovic/Photosport

Lucas Di Yorio and his time at Everton de Viña del Mar. Image: Dragomir Yankovic/Photosport

How was Lucas Di Yorio’s time at Everton de Viña del Mar?

It was January 2022 and Everton’s new reinforcement, Lucas Di Yorio, arrived from Pachuca. The Argentine did not have time to adapt to national football and quickly became something to talk about. 22 official matches were enough for him to win the affection of the Ruletera fans and be one of the figures of national football, after scoring 11 victories and contributing with one assist..

Of course, his time in Chile would be fleeting. Six months after his arrival he would travel to Mexico again to join the ranks of León. There, he would play 40 games, where he would celebrate 13 times along with three assists. In this way, and as long as he arrives at the Colocolino team, Popular hopes that his scoring quota will be greater than what he contributed at Everton and he can consolidate himself as the striker of the Colocolino squad.

Colo Colo in search of his striker

In the last hours and together with Lucas Di Yorio, another attacker who sounds like the Eternal Champion It’s Gonzalo Mastriani. According to information from the journalist, César Luis Merlo from Pedrero sent him both footballers who play for Athletico Paranaense specific proposals that are related to a loan with an option to purchase.

Thus, and considering that Di Yorio is not the starter and is already familiar with the national media, it can be mentioned that he is the attacker closest to the Monumental Stadium. The next few days will be key to getting to know the new forward at your disposal, Jorge Almirón.

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