Private Oil and Gas Union prepares a strike against the Milei Government

The strike will take place next Tuesday and will affect production.

The Private Oil and Gas union of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa announced today that it will carry out a 48-hour strike to demand salary improvements, which will affect the production of the Vaca Muerta formation.

The strike will take place next Tuesday from 11 a.m. and was decided after the failure of the negotiation sessions between the Private Oil Tankers Union and the companies in the sector, according to what was expressed by the union.

“This Tuesday the 18th starting at 8 o’clock we stopped for 48 hours, affecting production. Here no one is less or deserves to be below the poverty line!”, they stated this Saturday from the X account.

For his part, the secretary of the union, Marcelo Rucci, said: “We try to sit down, to understand, to talk, to agree, and they bring us the same proposals as a year and a half ago, the same thing we talked about four months ago. , the same thing we talked about two months ago, and the same thing we talked about last week, when we went to joint meetings.

Rucci also said that the measure of force will be carried out using freedom of action, so as not to have to comply with a call for mandatory conciliation.

The oil tanker strike will affect production in Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa. It will also harm the formation of Vaca Muerta, a vast reserve of shale gas and shale oil.

This field, which has an area of ​​30 thousand square kilometers, is one of the largest unconventional oil and gas formations in the world, being an important resource for the country’s energy production.

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