Helldivers 2 Player Captures Epic One-in-a-Million Entry Exploiting Game Bug: Hellpod Landed on a Hellbomb Causing a Huge Explosion

helldivers 2 It’s one of the best service games currently available and the player community still enjoying it to the maximum. Despite all the setbacks, criticism and controversiesPlayers continued to support the game and captured some epic moments.

While the developers are fighting to free the game from bugsthere are rare occasions when these discomforts could lead to memorable events that would not be believed if they were not captured on camera. An example of this was what a group of helldivers managed to record when deploying on their mission.

He timing was impeccable and could be a unique event in life, as players made the most of a game bug, probably capturing the most epic entry ever recorded.

Recently, X and Reddit users announced a clip that shows a helldivers group arriving at your destination accompanied by a huge cinematic explosion. It was explained that the incident occurred because one of the Hellpod in which the helldivers were deployed accidentally landed on a Hellbombthereby causing the big explosion.

The odds that a Hellpod landing on a Hellbomb are already extremely lowand survive the whole squad it’s even morewhich makes it a unique moment, especially once Arrowhead Game Studios solve all the problems.

It didn’t take long for users to praise the feat, leaving fun comments and experiences. Some even left their own clips trying to achieve the event, although all showing how they died at the time of explosion.

Helldivers 2 begins the search for a second Game Master to help Joel plan the Galactic War

Arrowhead Game Studiosthe team behind helldivers 2 is expanding its team to manage the game’s Galactic War metanarrative.

Recently, They have published a job offer in which they are looking for a second game master to support Joel, the current game master, which means that the developers are planning to expand the possibilities within the game.

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