A few days before the presidential debate, Biden and Trump define their battle plan to achieve a political victory at the beginning of the electoral campaign

A few days before the presidential debate, Biden and Trump define their battle plan to achieve a political victory at the beginning of the electoral campaign
A few days before the presidential debate, Biden and Trump define their battle plan to achieve a political victory at the beginning of the electoral campaign

Donald Trump and Joe Biden argue during the second presidential debate on October 22, 2020, at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

(From Washington, United States) Next June 27in CNN studios, Joe Biden and donald trump will debate face to face to explain their political differences and defend their government platforms before millions of voters who are still undecided before the main presidential candidates who they want to win in the November 5 elections.

Biden and Trump differ on almost everything. They exhibit distinct personal behavior, and they think differently regarding climate change, the war in Ukraine, the conflict in Gaza, the right to abortion and the importance of multilateral forums.

However, in this scenario of natural confrontation there are two coincidences linked to geopolitics and the power that unite to the contenders: they reject China’s global offensive they dream with a second term in the White House.

The electoral polls They show a slight advantage in favor of Trump, that disappears under the concept of statistical error. Yesterday The average of the polls established a 45.4 percent for Trump and the 44.6 percent for Bidenaccording to the systematic publication made by the site Realclear politics.

That is to say: at this rate, the future president of the United States will have defeated his electoral adversary by a tiny percentage of voters.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate at Belmont University, just days before the 2020 presidential election

Biden has a traditional method to prepare for his debate with Trump that will take place in the CNN studios. The presidential agenda is beginning to give way to electoral plans, and Biden has already begun to read the reports sent to him Ron Klain, his former Chief of Staff in the White House. Klain systematizes all the issues that could appear in the debate, and then With his team he prepares the probable answers which refers to the Democratic leader.

Biden will dedicate himself to reading Klain’s papers until the middle of this week, and then they will put a sparring partner who will simulate Trump. The Democratic campaign committee has no doubt that Trump will hit below the beltand they prepare the president so that don’t lose your breath before a blow that will inevitably come.

What topics fall into the “below the belt” category?-, asked Infobae to a Biden campaign advisor who has been with him for some time.

The age of the President and the ruling against Hunter (Biden). Those would be hits below the belt.

Contrariwise, Biden and his advisors believe that Trump’s weak flank It is located in his rejection of the right to abortion, in his view of the validity of Democracy and in his economic program that proposes cutting the tax rate for all millionaires in the United States.

This line of argument was made explicit in a memo that Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Biden campaign manager sent by email to the main representatives of the Democratic party who participate in the preparation of the debate.

“How Trump was the architect of the repeal of Roe (paradigmatic case in favor of the right to abortion) and “He wants to go even further in a second term”proposes O’Malley Dillon to confront the former Republican president.

Facsimile of the Democratic Party campaign memo raising the issues to be presented by Biden in the debate against Trump

Biden and his campaign committee they haven’t decided yet whether they will use in the debate the sentence against Trump for having falsified his records to cover up a sexual scandal, when he began his first presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump was proven to have committed 39 crimes, but in electoral terms that ruling did not affect his leadership in the polls. Biden is still wondering whether he will include this criminal case in the debate, and if he does, under what circumstances.

Unlike his Democratic opponent, Trump does not have a systematic training and rehearsal script. The Republican candidate handles himself naturally on a television set, he is histrionic and knows how to capture the gesture that public opinion expects.

However, Trump he locked himself last week at the Republican National Committee to define your tactics before the debate he will star in with Biden. The senators Marco Rubio (Florida) and Eric Schmitt (Missouri) They participated in the conclave, where it was discussed how Trump should confront Biden, if he presents questions about the institutional crisis of January 6, 2021.

That day hundreds of trumpist republicans They broke into the Capitol to stop the official designation of Biden as President of the United States, replacing Trump who I dreamed of four years more in the White House.

Donald Trump is greeted by Marco Rubio during a Republican presidential candidate debate in January 2016.

Trump does not want a sparring partner like Biden: The Republican candidate is watching his opponent’s TV appearances, and about those images he thinks build a campaign speech to attack all the political concepts of the Democratic leader.

This critical discourse will be leveraged on the inflation rate of the United States, the immigration policy of the White House, the strategy set up by the Security Council to resolve the conflicts in Ukraine and Russia, and the rejection of the right to abortion.

In addition, Trump is convinced about the convenience of raising in the debate that Biden’s age is an obstacleand that the sentence against Biden (h) for illegally acquiring a weapon put ethical values ​​in check of his electoral opponent.

The debate will extend ninety minutescandidates will not have advisors hanging around during the public confrontation and two commercial breaks are planned. Biden and Trump will receive a notebook, a cell phone and a pen, while their placement on the lecterns will be resolved throwing a coin into the air.

The cnn resolved that there is no opening speech, that Biden and Trump You will only have two minutes to answer the questionsand that journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash -in charge of conducting the debate- They can close the microphone to the candidate who interrupted and had no turn to speak.

On June 27 in the city of Atlanta, Biden and Trump will begin a presidential campaign no priors. The debate may mean a turning point, when polls maintain that technical parity It is still impregnable.

An audience of close to 100 million people is expected, a sufficient number to outline the next chapter of American history.

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