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It cannot be denied that for many people, the affairs carried out by the POTthey end up being very interesting.

Since they were established as a scientific organization dedicated to spacecaused a lot of fury. Being one of the most reliable sources for many people on these astrological topics. Which include discoveries in outer space.

And it really is no wonder, since it was from there that many important missions in history have been carried out. Those that had and still have the objective of exploring unknown areas in greater detail.

Recently, in fact, they caused an impressive stir by revealing that they found something very shocking in some photographs of the moon. This after doing it with a hidden side of this natural satellite.

The reason the images impressed NASA so much

Although there is already a lot of knowledge of what lies beyond the Planet EarthThe truth is that new things are always being discovered. Having a great impact on people who are interested in space issues.

As we mentioned before, it was very recently that NASA took some photographs of a hidden side of the moon, that even ended up being unexpected.

It turns out that according to what Biobio’s media corroborated, the remains of a ship of Chinese origin called Chang’e 6whose mission was to collect some details from the non-visible side of the natural satellite.


This project would have been abandoned, but thanks to NASA, it is known that its remains are still there, after being sent by China at the beginning of June. Being considered a success, in the sense that it was able to land on the moon.

Finally, for scientists this ended up being very interesting, which adds to the fact that they can observe places on the moon that are not usually seen.

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