Just Stop Oil, the activists who turned Stonehenge orange, have not rebelled against Taylor Swift’s private jet

Just Stop Oil, the activists who turned Stonehenge orange, have not rebelled against Taylor Swift’s private jet
Just Stop Oil, the activists who turned Stonehenge orange, have not rebelled against Taylor Swift’s private jet

Yesterday, June 20, a publication went viral in which two activists from the climate organization Just Stop Oil are seen painting Taylor Swift’s private jet with orange sprays.

Just Stop Oil is a group of climate activists from the United Kingdom that demonstrates by spraying various monuments and, in this case, private vehicles, with orange sprays, to attract media attention. A day earlier, on June 19, the video of two activists from the organization spraying the megalithic monument of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom with orange paint also went viral.

Its objective is to demand that the British government put an end to the extraction and burning of fossil fuels by 2030 and the latest of its protest actions has been to paint Taylor Swift’s private plane orange as a rejection of the singer’s massive use of fossil oils.

However, this is false. The diary of Daily Mail has confirmed that sources at Standed Airport, in London, claim that none of the aircraft sprayed with paint was Swift’s plane, since they consider “that it was parked in a safer area of ​​the airport.”

Just Stop Oil didn’t paint Taylor Swift’s private jet orange

To verify the veracity of the publication, from INFOVERITAS We did a simple Google search using the keywords ‘Just Stop Oil’, ‘jet’ and ‘Taylor Swift’. Among the news that this investigation reveals is one of Daily Mail published on June 20 with the title: “How did they get in? Security fears as Just Stop Oil stormed Stansted VIP airfield and sprayed plane with paint hours after Taylor Swift’s dad landed luxury jet.”

In this news it is explained that the plane that appears in the video tinted orange does not belong to the singer. “Footage released by the campaign group showed a pair of activists spraying orange paint on two private planes parked on the ground near the permit fence in Stansted, but neither of them was Swift’s plane, suggesting it was parked in a safer area of ​​the airport,” they detail.

Taylor Swift doesn’t own that plane

Another of the results after this investigation is a news article published in the Excelsior media on February 7, 2024. Its title is: “This is X’s account that tells you how much Taylor Swift pollutes when flying on her private jet” and in it The existence of several social media accounts that track and share information about the air travel of various celebrities such as Taylor Swift is detailed.

One of these profiles is the account in Taylor Swift Jets (Tracking). When checking in their latest publications if they had made any mention of this event, we realized that they have retweeted a publication by a certain Jack Sweeney, who curiously is also mentioned in the Excelsior article, as a university student at the University of Central Florida Known for his programming and entrepreneurship skills. In said publication the following is said: «It is not his plane! The photo shows a Gulfstream, Swift does not own a Gulfstream. I condemn these actions” (translated from English to Spanish).

An advanced search in Sweeney’s X profile results in a post that redirects to a Reddit entry in which they explain the reasons why they know what Taylor Swift’s private jets are.

According to this data based on documents from the Federal Aviation Association, the singer owned two private jets: N621MM and N898TS. He sold the last one and now only has N621MM, which is a Falcon 7X registered to Island Jet Inc in Nashville.

INFOVERITAS verifies that…

Neither of the two planes being sprayed with orange paint by Just Stop Oil activists belongs to Taylor Swift. The newspaper Daily Mail has confirmed that none of the paint-sprayed aircraft were Swift’s plane. In addition, the account specialized in Swift air travel confirms that it does not own any Gulfstream aircraft, like the one that appears in the images, but rather a Falcon 7X.


Simple Google search with the keywords ‘Just Stop Oil’, ‘jet’ and ‘Taylor Swift’.

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