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06/22/2024 11:27am.

On June 22, Diego Armando Maradona gave the Argentine National Team a pass to the World Cup semifinals. It was in 1986, in Mexico, where Pelusa scored two anthological goals: the Hand of God and the Goal of the Century. That historic match This is the reason why Argentine Football Player’s Day is celebrated every June 22..

This has been the case since August 2020, when the Argentine Football Association approved the proposal of the Argentine Football Players Association to honor the star. From the Instagram account of the Diez champion, which today is managed by his children, This Saturday they published a video of that day and they remembered the phrase that Doña Tota had said to him after his performance. “Son, you scored a great goal today,” they wrote.

The post they made from the Ten account.

However, before the modification, the date to celebrate the players was June 14. Because? In the memory of the Argentine Ernesto Grillo, who on that day, but in 1953, converted the so-called “impossible goal” which marked the Argentine national team’s 3-1 win over England at the Monumental.

That match was iconic, one of the most significant for Argentine football, because it was the revenge of the first meeting that both teams had had, in London, 1951. That time, it had been a 2-1 victory for the English. Until there was revenge… In that 1953 match, Argentina had started losing 1-0. But a double from Grillo turned history around and the win was sealed by Rodolfo Micheli. That’s why he was honored for decades until the AFA approved the change..

The LPF honored the footballers.

Greetings from the institutions on Argentine Football Player’s Day

“Today we celebrate the Argentine footballer’s day, in tribute to Diego’s Goal of the Century. Thank you always, 10. A huge greeting to all those who feed our passion,” they wrote from the account of the Professional Football League along with a photo of Maradona with the colors of the National Team. The AFA also did so: “In tribute to Diego’s second goal #Maradona to the English in Mexico 86, Today is the Argentine Football Player’s Day.“.

Along the same lines, FIFA remembered the work of the Ten. “On June 22, 1986, the genius of world football started from the right…”, they published on their X account (formerly Twitter). And CONMEBOL was not far behind: “Argentina, June 22, 1986. Diego Armando Maradona and The Goal of the Century“.

Several clubs decided to echo this and chose to greet their footballers through the networks. “On a day like today, but 38 years ago, Diego Armando Maradona led the Argentine National Team to an unforgettable victory against England, in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.. In tribute to that legendary feat, Argentine Football Player’s Day is commemorated.“Lanús posted.

Its classic rival, Banfield, opted for a special video to celebrate the date. “Happy Argentine Footballer’s Day! #Banfield Children’s Soccer players reacted and gave their opinion about the “Goal of the Century”one of the many historic goals scored by Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup, for which this day is commemorated,” they shared.

As the day went by, different institutions decided to demonstrate. “To those who fulfill the dream of thousands: carry this shield on your chest and defend the colors inside the court. Happy Argentine soccer player’s day to the players of the professional team and the lower divisions of the club!”, Colón went up. A day to celebrate in a big way. And to a big…

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