Torn From The Jaws Of Death, you can’t ask for more from Severe Torture

Torn From The Jaws Of Death, you can’t ask for more from Severe Torture
Torn From The Jaws Of Death, you can’t ask for more from Severe Torture

By Migraine Guy

From the past June 7th, Season of Mist put up for sale Torn From The Jaws Of Deaththe sixth album in history and first in 14 years from the Dutch titans of the brutal death, Severe Torure.

Severe Torture present their new album Torn From The Jaws Of Death

Brutal old school metal by Severe Torture

It starts very strong with “The Death Of Everything” with excellent work by Damien Karepentier on the drums with blast beats, rolls, slower parts and some that accompany the work of the guitars. The riffs are brief but very forceful which makes it a song with variants in which they even have the luxury of ending with a slow passage.

“They continue”Marked By Blood And Darkness” and “Hogtied In Rope”, both a little slower and be careful, it is not slow in the strict sense of the word, it is simply less frenetic than the beginning, but both are brutal and resonate fully in the gut, as expected with a band the size of this.

Immediately after comes “Torn From The Jaws Of Death” with a spectacular start, brutal death classic, although with a very good mix and a clear and very well-crafted sound, which, of course, preserves those classic rough sound edges in the genre. In this one there is even a quasi-blacker aura and some perfect rhythm changes for the song. Without a doubt one of the highest points of the album.

Christ Immersion” maintains the speed and the idea of ​​chaotic but under control riffs that give rise to more melodic ones that do not lose brutality due to the work of the drums and the very powerful voice of Dennis Schreurs. “Putrid Remains” has a slightly dirtier sound, not as much as lo-fi but muddier and that will surely put a smile on the faces of old school fans who suddenly are not so fond of clean productions.

The Pinacle Of Suffering” is classic death with an interesting technical game towards the end of the very enjoyable track in which the sound reaches you in separate channels, you hear a part in the left headphone with the right one in silence and vice versa. Small details that, however, enrich the album as a whole. Then comes “Through Pain And Emptiness” and although it seems that they begin to repeat the formula of the same type of riff, it does not reach the point of wanting to apply the break of the song.

The end is approaching and with “Those Who Wished Me Dead” comes the shortest song but also the one that could be the rawest and fastest, one of those that you probably don’t look towards the stage live because you are focused on the slam and maintaining your balance.

Finally, the closing comes with “Tear All The Flesh Off The Earth“, is the one that has the least plays on Spotify and should be higher up, it has very well worked changes of speed and structure, a depressing aura that goes perfectly with the theme of the lyrics and is a magnificent closing for an album that quietly is a 4 out of 5 points (and on a day with slightly grayer weather than prevailing at the time of writing this review, even a 4.5) and will hardly disappoint fans of the band and the genre.

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