They report that the reporter attacked by Eduardo Yáñez suffered serious consequences after the attack: ‘She has paralysis’

Eduardo Yanez He was once again at the center of the controversy after this Monday afternoon he allegedly attacked a reporter and took her cell phone for a question that made him uncomfortable, but how is the communicator doing after the fact?

The explosive character of Eduardo Yáñez became a topic of conversation again after the strong images that began to circulate on social networks and that demonstrated, once again, the ease that the actor has to explode against the press.

The actor has already given his version of the events and assured that he is calm with his way of acting.Well, to say about him, It was the reporter who provoked him and even assured that after taking her cell phone she returned it to him shortly after.But how is the communicator’s health after this attack?



The explosive episode of Eduardo Yáñez was widely commented on by all the morning entertainment programs and of course, the sun rises could not be missing in coverage. Gustavo Adolfo InfanteFor example, he said that The reporter had been treated at the Xoco General Hospital after the attack.

“According to what they told us, he was paralyzed, he has paralysis in half of his face”

Joanna Vega-Biestro, for her part, went further and detailed that her partner identified as Paty Cuevas suffered a worrying facial paralysis as a result of the blows he received in the brawl:

“Among all this fuss, she doesn’t remember it, but He has a blow to his cheekbone, it is swollen and as they tell us, he was paralyzed, he has paralysis in half of the faceexpressed Vega-Biestro in the segment Birds on the wire.

The communicators were honest with the audience and accepted that, although Eduardo Yanez He did not behave violently towards the reporter, Her security team did use excessive force against it is not ruled out that the affected party will take legal action.

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