When will the finale of the reality show be – Paparazzi Magazine

When will the finale of the reality show be – Paparazzi Magazine
When will the finale of the reality show be – Paparazzi Magazine

Big Brother It is the overwhelming success of TV and since its return in 2022, it has led the ratings. However, everything has an end and no matter how good the program is, it was known when the closure that has been stipulated since production will be.

For now, there is still a long way to go and it is clear that the program staff made different moves to stretch the reality show. The entry of new and former participants led to more galas than planned.

As the Sundays go by and fewer participants remain, the final end is approaching. so that precisely Santiago del Moro and the members of the panel have their rest, the closing of the reality show would come during the month of July.

In principle, The idea that Telefe has defined is that Big Brother ends on July 7. That same Sunday is scheduled to be the grand final and, although official confirmation remains, during the remaining months there may be some changes.


With a total of 12 participants still inside the house, there will be culminating and very important moments. Juliana Furia Scaglione is still the great candidate to win the reality show, but anything could happen to her.

A rumor that has been around for a long time and that keeps viewers of the program very expectant is that Famous Big Brother could return by the end of the year, a reality show that will have people talking and will be unmissable.

Recalling old times, there is great hope that it can be carried forward but it still remains to be defined. The house, the participants, the method they will use and even a driver, will be details to evaluate if done.

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